UO vs Northern Colorado

I went to the first half of this game and watched the second half at home on my tv.

Let me just say I believe Northern Colorado can very well make the NCAA tournament by winning their conference.  They are a decent team.  They should have won this game.  The refs made some horrific calls against them early and often.  I don't normally like to criticize  refs but at one point the team foul difference was 7 to 1 in our favor in the first half.  That being said, I said just last week that UO could very well still finish in the top 5 of the Pac-10.  Why didn't anyone tell me I was on drugs or something?  The Ducks did not play well enough tonight to prove to me that they will finish in the top 5 of the Pac-10. 

Sorry for the little rant...but they are some very good things to take away from the game. 

1.  Kam Brown actually shot the ball more than once.  He looked very aggressive offensively while staying under control, which was a great sign to see.  He looked a lot like a more athletic Greg Paulus when he first got to Duke.  Brown did not shoot particularly well (I think like 2-7 or 3-8 not exactly sure the stat).  The good thing about his shot is that it is very smooth looking and with shooting the ball more in practice and in games he will make the jumpers he missed tonight.

2. The game was very sloppy and scrappy on all sides of the ball.  That should help us because of our style of play.  As much as I hate watching sloppy basketball, it might be the way we have to play in order to contend.

3. TP should never have to play the point again because of the way Kam Brown and Sim have been playing.  I feel more comfortable with them controlling the ball and watching TP run off screens and catching and shooting the ball quickly like his freshman year.  He didn't do it much in tonight's game, but it would be nice to see it in the next game.

4. Going back to the scrappy and sloppiness of the game, our team defense played  well.  We will need to play well defensively to keep us in games because we are not going to be scoring 100 points a game offensively like in years past.  We simply do not have the firepower to do so.

The biggest downside this year other than experience is the like of a go to guy or guys like in the past two years with Aaron Brooks and Malik, Maarty and Bryce.

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