Morning Oatmeal: It's beginning to look a lot like football...

According the Max Unger, the season starts today. In Moseley's RG article today on the beginning of coluntary summer workouts, Unger is quoted, “Winter and spring is recovery, and this is when you really get stronger. This is crucial. This is where it all happens.”

The story by Moseley today covers the early drills and conditioning, and the incoming freshman Jeremiah Masoli.  However, Moseley loads up the information on his blog.

He has a video interview with Masoli, who said that he wants to compete and play, and hemmed and hawed a bit over the possibility of redshirting (he has 4 years to play 3).  I wouldn't be surprised to see him redshirt, but there is so much raw talent at the QB position, besides Costa being the frontrunner at the starting spot, it is tough to predict the position.

Moseley also posted a lengthy blog post on the workouts.  55 scholarship players were in attendance.  It sounds as if many players are making recoveries well.  Pflugrad made some nice catches, JJ said that he was free of pain, and Boyd is about 90%. 

But apparently the highlight was the "flat-top" haircut that Thurmond was sporting.  I know the kid can play, but if he's gonna back up that haircut, he may have to turn it up a notch.

While this is still incredibly early, this is all very good news.  Last year made everyone hungry, and they are following through early, taking advantage of these opportunities.

In recruiting news, there have been two interesting articles by SI.  One was on the innovations in recruiting by the Duck coaching staff.  In this case, they talk about the comic books created that helped bring in J-Stew and were a big hit with the players.  Unfortunately, this has since been banned by the NCAA (boy, are they useful or what), but SI has the entire J-Stew comic book.

Also, the Ramos story seems to be picking up national traction.  SI pretty standard  opinion piece on the situation, though Bruce Feldman on ESPN (who has been heavily in the recruiting scene for some time), had some of the better observations I've seen.  He essentiallly stated that this situation is an ungly reality of recruiting, and that Oregon took the 2nd best option.  He also said that the mess with St. Bonaventure isn't that big of a deal, however, other recruiters could use this as a reason for kids not to go to Oregon, though with the flawed system, I don't know how much weight that will hold

Though the situation sucks for Ramos, in pure selfish terms, I think this will blow over in the next couple months.  While this hurts the credibility of the coaches for the short term, this happened through very common practices, and much of the national attention has centered on that fact.

We are a scant 67+ days until kickoff.  GO DUCKS!

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