UW Thoughts

I was at Autzen for this one, so I didn't take any notes.  But here are the things that stand out in my mind from the game:

  • All three QBs did a great job.  Roper was moving the ball and making good reads.  The only mistake was the pick where he inexplicably threw off his back foot.  Masoli came out a bit nervous, throwing passes that made me ask "when did Fife regain eligibility?", but he really settled down.  9/17 for 2 TDs and zero picks is not bad for your first D-1 action--and the TD laser to Maehl was one of the best passes I have ever seen.  And Harper was unstoppable running the ball.  He won't do that against a team with a real defense, and he'll have to throw it eventually, but you have to start gawking at the potential.
  • 16 completions were only to four receivers.  Terrance Scott was awesome, and J-Will and Maehl (despite a key drop in the first Q), we equally solid.  But I was surprised by the names I didn't hear.  No catches for Dickson.  I only saw Pflugrad once.  Did Holland even play?  I was a bit surprised by their silence.
  • JJ is back, and I like the fact that his carries were limited as well.  But he is looking fast, and had no issues cutting.  I was surprised Blount only had four carries, but the one where he drug everybody about ten yards was something to watch.
  • Speaking so something to watch, how about Jairus Byrd returning punts?  Freaking awesome.
  • It was a bit windy, but there was no excuse for Matt Evensen to miss a chip shot field goal and an extra point.  I have confidence that he'll figure it out, but he needs to do so in a hurry.
  • Where was Andre Crenshaw?  I saw him on one return, but was surprised that Alston was out there getting touches and Crenshaw wasn't.
  • Our defense is totally badass.  Period.  End of story.
  • Morgan Flint got a kick.  Yay.
  • In pregame introductions, Justin Roper got the biggest ovation of any Duck.
  • Only one thing really concerned me.  You know that Harper is going to get a few snaps every game.  But did Masoli's performance put us into dreaded two-QB (or, with Harper, 3 QB) system territory?

Not terribly insightful, I know, so post your observations.  Utah State is the perfect opponent for next week--Roper will have some time to get healthy.


--Dave (addictedtoquack@gmail.com)

UPDATE:  A couple more I want to add:

Jake Locker is the real deal.  He is so elusive, and, even though his line wasn't great, I was very impressed with him live.

Also, the new scoreboard looks great, but the sound system is beyond awful.  Cut out about five times, and unintelligible the rest of the game.  I don't remember it being this bad in the past, but please, please fix it.

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