Weekly Request to Juju

First off, I am sure I speak for everybody when I write that it was great to see Stafon Johnson at the USC/OregonState game; He looked to be in great spirits. We continue to hope for a great recovery.

Well, what will be in all honesty the biggest week of the season for this football team...The time has come to humbly request a few favors from Juju.

(Insert game show music here) ATQ, meet your worthy candidates for this week:

Matt Barkley- He is clearly the chosen child, meant to step into the vacated hype-plateau that Tebow will eventually depart from; after all, he has supermodel looks and never has a bad hair day or less than ridiculous media coverage and ass-kissery. The USC players and coaching staff constantly refer to him as extremely mature for his age, and he does have the intangibles to be a great QB. However, he does turn the ball over more than he really should (insert, "but he is just a freshman" comments here, blah blah), even against Oregon State's porous defense whenever he experienced the slightest amount of pressure, he was picked off...Kenny Rowe may have one hell of a disruptive night on the gridiron. Sticking with the general QB curse, Barkley is my vote for this week.

Joe McKnight- Just another uber running back recruit for USC...For a while, he was coined as the next Reggie Bush for USC, those comparisons have rightfully ceased; McKnight is no Bush, nor will he ever be. He does indeed have great speed; thankfully our defense does as well. He is also a dangerous pass catching threat out of the backfield. If our defense can keep containment and prevent McKnight from running outside, he will be a non-factor. Not to mention he also possesses an uncanny knack for coughing up the football.             Note: I am picking McKnight over big ol’ Marc Tyler as my running back candidate

Damian Williams- I wish that he never transferred from Arkansas with his buddy Mitch Mustain, Williams has great size and speed. He started the season slow, yet is very rapidly picking up steam in terms of production. He is also turning into a great special teams return man, having brought a few back to the house thus far this season. If Talmadge Jackson is not healthy for this game, Cliff Harris will need safety help the entire game, or things may get fugly.

Taylor Mays- If Jake Locker is considered Tebow of the west, then Mays is the Eric Berry of the west (Both Mays/Locker from Washington…Huck the Fuskies). Mays is big, and fast…Did I mention he was big and fast? Mays is the senior leader of this USC defense, and packs one hell of a punch when he hits a receiver. He usually only goes for the big hit, not necessarily sure tackling…We can only hope that when LaMichael James breaks into the secondary, he makes Mays pay for this strategy.

Everson Griffen-He is the fastest defensive lineman we will face for the rest of the season, regardless of who we play in a bowl game. He also possesses great size (Hmmm, anybody seeing this trend yet?), therefore, he can wreak hell on our young offensive line.

Go ahead, submit write-ins...I DARE you! Please, feel free to comment


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