Getting to know the Arizona State Sun Devils: Q&A with House Of Sparky

We haven't talked much about tomorrow night's ASU game, but you know what, better late than never! We caught up with Adam from House Of Sparky, to see how ASU fans are feeling about tomorrow nights game. We answered their questions over on House of Sparky.

Freshman QB. Autzen Stadium. How excited are you for the Brock Osweiler era?

Despite not being ultra excited about having to begin it in Autzen Stadium, I think all Sun Devil fans would say, unequivocally, that we are STOKED. Sun Devil fans saw the potential as Brock came in and threw a 40 yard TD pass against USC last week. The kid is 6'8", an athlete, has a cannon arm, and is fiery. We all hope the Osweiler era is as prosperous as we think it will be.

The Sun Devil front 7 has been spectacular this year. How do you expect them to fare against the always potent Oregon rushing attack.

I think we will hold our own. The Sun Devil D has been able to contain nearly every team we have competed against - we held USC to 14 last week at home. Now, this game is on the road and Oregon can RUN the ball, so I do not expect us to shut you down, but if our offense can stay on the field and keep the big boys fresh, I like the defenses' chances.

Oregon's passing game has really exploded the last two games, with Jeremiah Masoli looking good in the passing game. How will the depleted ASU secondary stop the hot Masoli?

Frankly, I am not sure if we can stop Masoli on the ground or through the air. Our secondary is going to depend completely on whether or not our blitzing succeeds or fails.

Which ASU player should Duck fans worry about?

Vontaze Burfict. He is going to be spying Masoli and looking to put a hit similar to this one:

Dennis Erickson had a spectacular first season at ASU, but the last two (at least to outsiders) have seemed to be major disappointments. How do ASU fans feel?

ASU fans are losing patience quickly with DE. His recruiting classes have, on the whole, been much deeper with more quality talent than we ever had previously, but it has not translated on to the field. The defense has been great, but the offense has sputtered for two straight years. If it picks up with Osweiler, we can try and rationalize it by blaming Danny Sullivan, but many fans secretly feel like DE's trust in our offensive coordinator, Rich Olson, has gone too far. The play calling is too often predictable and ultra conservative, and if Erickson does not finish strong and have a bounce back season next year - expect to start hearing rumors about replacing him.

Can we have Aaron Pflugrad back? Please.

If you're willing to part with Diante Jackson.

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