Dave's Weekly Thoughts......

So I haven't been around much.  As much as part of me wants to be a regular contributor, I find myself not wanting to isolate myself from my family for an hour everyday to write an article.  But, once a week--now that's doable (and thanks to the several emailers who have asked for more of me).  So once a week, I'll have Dave's Weekly Thoughts, where I post my thoughts on the week's Duck News.  Here is the first installment:

On Mike Bellotti's Resignation........

Yeah, I really didn't see this one coming this year.  Next year, the schedule lines up beautifully, and I thought that MB would go for one last shot at that magical season.  I'll greatly miss Mike as our head coach.  But we all knew Mike wasn't the kind of guy who was going to coach until he was an old man, and now he can have a comfy, plush AD job for as long as he want.  He gets to be a Duck for life, collect a handsome paycheck, and not have the stress involved with being the head coach.  And he's earned it.  He'll be a fantastic AD.  As for our football program, I think its in good hands.  Bellotti to Kelly should be a seamless transition.  We're fortunate to have two great coaches in our program.

On Bryce Brown going to Tennessee.......

Good riddance.  I'm leery of kids like this.  He a drama queen, a malcontent, and even his high school coach thought he was a pain in the ass.  He's already got a quasi-agent, and only cares about his NFL future.  Like Terrelle Pryor, I don't really like these kids that drag out the recruiting process and make a spectacle of the whole thing.  He's got recruiting violation written all over him, and its just as good that he's not coming.  Plus, its not as if we're hurting at running back.  Best of luck to the kid, but I'll gladly let someone else take the risk there.

On Bev Smith's firing.......

So I messed up a few weeks ago when I said she was getting a free pass.  My bad, and thanks for calling me out on it.  But, yea, good for Kilkenny for making this move.  One NCAA appearance in eight years is simply not good enough.

On Ernie Kent's future......

I still see both sides of this issue, and will be comfortable whichever way PK goes on this.  That said, I sure love to watch a team that is fundamentally sound for a change, one that actually plays defense and runs an offense thats not shoot a three and pray it goes in.  

On Men's Indoor Track winning the National Title.......

Congrats, but all the NCs in the world aren't going to make me care about track.  Plus, there's something inexplicably annoying about Galen Rupp.

On Duck Hoops' season being over......

Thanks God.  That puppy needed to be put down long ago.

Au Revoir


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