Dave's Weekly Thoughts.....

On LeGarrette Blount being reinstated........

Everybody knew this was going to happen.  Very nice that it happened before spring drills.  Don't worry about Blount, he's literally got millions riding on this season.  He won't screw it up.

On Paul Westhead being named coach of the women's team.......

At first, I was really surprised by the move.  I mean Westhead's what, 70 years old?  Can he really be here for more than three or four years?  But the more I think about it, the more I like it.  He's obviously a  very good coach (having won both NBA and WNBA titles), but, just as importantly, he makes me want to watch a women's basketball game.  Bring the run and gun to the womens team?  I'll tune into a game or two and see how it goes.  That's the genius of the move.  Westhead is about as big a name as you can get.  People will tune in to see how this team does.  If it fails, you're hardly in worse shape than you are now.  But if it works, and this team wins and draws big crowds, when it comes time to replace Westhead in a few years with a big fan base, winning team, and brand spanking new arena, you an go after a really marquee name at that time, and have a good shot and landing them.

On not yet knowing the fate of Ernie.......

I have no problem with Kilkenny taking his time on this.  Its a huge decision.  As I've said, it'll be hard to fault him either way.  You know that you will have highs again if you keep Ernie.  You also know you need more consistency to fill that new arena each and every year.  My gut tells me that Kilkenny's decision will ultimately be based on whether he thinks Mark Few will come here or not.  This would seem to be the only logical reason for the delay in information as he waits for Gonzaga's season to end.  This is a real mess, and I'm not sure either decision is right or wrong.  However, I find myself leaning more toward the keep Ernie side in the last few days.  He's a good guy, graduates his players, and gets us those high highs.  Plus, what he's done for the program has earned his something.  But, damn, the lows are painful.

On Larry Scott being named new Pac-10 Commissioner.......

I know some of you are giving him a hard time because he was head of the WTA.  However, he is saying all the right things, especially regarding our horrible, lousy, no good TV contract.  This is a guy who recognizes the importance of exposure. I have no doubt that TV contracts and bowl arrangements will approve.  Plus, Tom Hansen is being replaced, and that can't be a bad thing, can it?

On Portland getting MLS.......

Not Duck related, and I've only watched one soccer game in my life.  But I find myself incredibly excited.  I can get into anything if I've a team.  Also, great job to get a sport while its on the cheap.  I really think MLS is about to blow up, and this was a great opportunity for Oregon.  I've already got Timbers fever.  However, I know nothing about soccer.  Can anyone loan me a copy of Soccer for Dummies?


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