Breaking Down Ted Miller's Top 30

Ted Miller has finished his top 30 Pac 10 players and so naturally its time to tally up the scores and pick a winner. I awarded points for rank, 30 for 1st and 1 for 30th, and looked at the schools totals.  So lets get to it, sorry WSU you are not invited to this party.


Stanford- 6 points. #25

Arizona St- 25 points. # 24t, 13

Washington- 28 points. #s 23, 11

Arizona- 34 points. #s 29, 27, 3

Oregon St- 43 points. #s 24t, 22, 4

UCLA- 52 points. #s 20, 15, 6

Cal 57 points. #s 26, 8, 2

Oregon 88 points. #s 18, 16, 14, 10, 9

USC 116 points. #s 30, 21 19, 17, 12, 7, 5, 1


Mapping the elitle level talent produces results that really mirror common projected standings. USC, duh, being chased by Oregon. Then a pack of Cal, UCLA, and Oreon St. Followed by the jumble of bottom teams. These scores also shed some light on the characteristics of programs. USC is stacked, duh. Teams like Oregon St and Stanford are always overachiving based on talent. OSU takes middle of the Pac 10 guys and gets in the second tier and Stanford takes their lack of talent and doesnt suck all the time. Inversly UCLA and Washington are cronic underachivers(The last few years that is). Cal and Oregon fluctuate between being just ahead of the pack and nipping at the trojans heals. When you look at the top tallent and how they are generally coached the standings make a lot of sense.

Position Breakdown

DL- 9 players

LB- 2 players

DB- 6 players

OL- 2 Trojans

WR/TE- 4, two each

RB- 6 players

2009 might be a year where Pac 10 defenses do a lot of the heavy lifting for teams. At the top of the talent pool it looks to be a long year for OLs as they are going to be facing top talent across the line on almost a weekly basis. A large crop of new QBs will be going up against some solid DBs who are covering a group of Pac 10 pass catchers with very little depth. The lone birght spot for the offenses is the RB position matching up against what apears to be weak LB corps across the confrence. However, most would agree that many teams have promising groups of backers waiting to break out. It also could be a moot point if the stud ball carriers cant get past the DLines.

Pac 10 fans many be watching a different type of football this fall, grind it out, take your three, feild postion battle, deffensive football. Ew, who am I kidding. What I think is the number of defensive players on this list shows two things. One, is just the relative age of most deffesive players vs. offensive. Two, that the Pac 10 is become a more well rounded and improved confrence with some nasty units on both sides of the ball.


There is my 2cents. I may be way off or have missed a bunch of stuff so help me out if I need some tweaking. Go Ducks!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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