NCAA 10 Duck Style, UPDATED: roster

So I picked up the new EA NCAA Football 10 today and thought I would share some Duck related info.

Quick Roster Notes

QB- Roper on the team

RB-LMJ is a sophomore, but you can change that

WR-Pflu and Harper and on the roster, but no Gianes. 

TE-Got Jordan as a TE, sweet

OL-?? who knows, even I wont have the OL numbers down till the season starts

DL- Blair is starting at End and Ferras and Toina are starting tackles (Sorry BisonDuck, your article is irrelevant in videogame land)

LB/DB- Thumbs up, they look good to me



Thanks to Doug for pointing out the best (so far) roster update. EASCncaa10. I just skimmed it but once loaded, but all the major mistakes seem to be corrected. 



Really similar to last years playbook with two major changes. There are now a few formations in shotgun in which the TE will actually play HBack. Lots of fun shifting around to fills the FB and TE roles and lots of fun plays. There is also now a WIldDuck formation. Blount at QB, LMJ running the flysweep and Masoli chillen outside, lots of fun things to do.


Masoli and Blount have everything you could want in the trucking department. They are both really good in this game, fun fun backfield. Holland is fast. And TJ Ward can HIT HIT HIT.


EA built a new uniform select screen in which you can pick from Home, Away, Alts and Custom. Teams have an appropriate number of alternates, you know three or four, a few with six and one team even had 14, attention whores. You can also chose what color for every element (Lid, Top, Pants, Socks, Shoes). Oregon has Green, Yellow, White and Black for the main parts, but NO black helmet. Only black and white socks and shoes for all. No wings anywhere, not even blacks from last year. Maybe a DL later.


For an actual review of the gameplay you are going to have to look elsewhere cause I'm lazy but I will say I am really enjoying the game so far, the new features are working well. 


Damn you pointguard, I wrote this post early this morning but my cable has be out all day. Sorry im going to throw it up anyway.

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