Tako Tuesdays: Deciding the Purdue Variety Pack

So it's only 9:30 Pacific.  But I'm gonna go hit up McMenamins Happy Hour.  So enjoy this early.


Thanks to BoilerTMill, there was delicious Indiana microbrew adding to the stock of wonderful JuJu we had for Saturday's game.  So let's return the favor with a party pack of Oregon's best beers!  I'll start with a rundown of my favorites, then we can whittle it down to the perfect six-pack.  Or twelve-pack.  Or twenty-four.  Forty-eight?




Rogue Dead Guy.  Gotta have it, IMO.  Is there anyone who absolutely HATES Dead Guy?  I know there are people who hate IPAs, porters, stouts, etc... but a delicious German Maibock?  It's rich, not too light or heavy.   I will not argue, Dead Guy must be involved. 

Ninkasi Tricerahops.  If you don't like hoppy beer, run away screaming now.  Tricerahops ain't yo grammomma's beer.  Well known as trumpetduck's favorite beer (I don't have a favorite for fear that other beers will get mad), Northwest brewers reeeeeeally like hops, and what better way to show off that tradition than with this Eugene original.  8.8% alcohol/volume.  It's only available in 22 oz. bottles.  Oh darn.

Eugene City Brewery Honey Orange Wheat.  When it comes to wheat beer, the natural gravitation is towards Widmer Hefe, but at this point, with Widmer selling its soul gaining national distribution, it just wouldn't be the treat that it should be.  So I'm going with Eugene's oldest brewery and its honey orange wheat.  It's light, sweet, and a really good beer for sunny events.  Like tailgating. 

Deschutes Black Butte Porter.  Now, I know how some of you feel about porters. "If I wanted a meal, I'd eat one," was a quote I remember and am paraphrasing.  But of the beers I've introduced out of town friends to, the one that keeps coming up the most is Black Butte.  It's a wonderfully balanced porter, with all the chocolate-coffee flavor that porter lovers love, and it really isn't heavy as far as porters go.  Kona's Pipeline Porter comes to mind as one that's a chore to take down.  Black Butte isn't that.  If it's a chore, it's vacuuming up $20 bills.

Terminal Gravity IPA.  Had one on Saturday, and it clearly helped both the Ducks win and me get drunk.  I could go Ninkasi crazy and put Total Domination here, but let's show off the entire state's brewing prowess, and TG not only is an IPA I enjoy, but already has the Juju on its side.

Pendleton Whiskey.  I know, it's not a beer.  But it's delicious.  And with beers and shots of whiskey, you get a Boilermaker.  Umm, duh. 


Other beers that could be added: Ninkasi Total Domination, Ninkasi Believer, Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Rogue Chipotle Ale, Rogue Double Dead Guy.  Any other beers I missed/haven't had the pleasure of drinking yet, leave them in the comments.  I was thinking we need a red ale or an amber ale for a complete variety of tastes.


New Segment!

ESPN gives out helmet stickers for great performances.  I'm giving out Keg Stickers.  And my first Keg Sticker for 2009 goes to Acadian Traverse, for both making the AtQ tailgate an international affair with his presence and his Kokanee, and for shotgunning a pint of PBR.  He made trumpetduck and I look like big pussies.  Of course, we are pretty big pussies.  Also receiving Keg Stickers are JShufelt for remembering the beer, all the mods for running my favorite blog on the planet, and Joey Harrington for his outstanding work as honorary game captain on Saturday.  A bonus sticker for Dave, whose clutch Media Wednesday post cleansed our souls and was the catalyst for a great Duck football weekend.

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