Where's this crazy train headed?? (A look into possibilities for the season)

So after Saturday's victory, I think it's time to figure out what the statistics for the Ducks so far could mean for the season.  


Let's start with scoring.

The Ducks average points per game is 56.6.  Considering the games the team has played so far, this looks like a number that might drop a little as the season goes on.  However, we've seen that the Duck's lowest scoring game was in a horrible environment, physically, for the team, ending up with 42 points on the board.  This leads me to believe that future games will be as high scoring as we've seen with Tennessee and Stanford at the very least. just published an article stating the Ducks are on pace to break Oklahoma's season record of 716 points. 

With a 13 game season, Oregon will score 736 points at their current rate.  Is this number achievable?? Absolutely.  

Next, let's put Darron Thomas on the hot seat.  The redshirt sophomore has gone through trial by fire and come out looking pretty good.  After 5 games he has thrown for 1060 yards with a 57.8% completion rate and run for 219 yards, 117 of which came from Saturday's performance.  His lowest yardage was 140 yards against Portland State.  Against Tenn., ASU, and Stanford, he passed for 202, 260, and 238 yards respectively.  His average comes out to 212 yards per game.  A number that, with the schedule ahead, has a great chance to increase.  As far as rushing, considering over half of his total yards came in the last game, the possibility to see his 43.8 yards pg go up significantly seems strong.  

Projected stats for DT give him 2544 yards for the regular season, 2756 with a bowl game.  

For rushing, 12 games gives us 526 yards for the season, 569 including post season.  

Hypothetically, if we see more running games like Stanford's, even an increase to 60 yards a game would  bring his season total to 639 yards, 699 post season.  


Lastly,  I bring us to LaHeisman.  With a career high performance Saturday, he has the 2nd most rushing yards in the country.  After only 4 games of seeing the field, he is averaging a smoking 178 yards per game.  8.0 yards per carry.  After a physically exhausting game at ASU in which ESPN has him recorded at 94 yards for the game, he pummeled a Stanford defense for one more yard than they had been allowing for total yards per game.  Go ahead and put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

With his season average, with 7 games to go, my calculations bring his season total to a screaming 1958 yards.  I had to triple check my numbers to make sure they were correct.  If he keeps it up for a bowl game, we're looking at 2136 yards, a phenomenal number.  J-Stew should fear for his record.  


That's all I got for ya.  This is my first Fanpost, so advice is welcomed how I can improve for the future...


As always, GO DUCKS!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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