Jersey Contest: Week 6 -- Blogger Picks

Have you made your picks yet?  If not, please submit your picks via this form before the deadline (tonight at 11:59:59 PM PT).  Here's a list of all the users that have successfully submitted picks this week, as of 7:00 AM PT today.  Finally, here's what those of us at ATQ thought about this week's games:

Dave Nick Jared Dominic Jeremy Paul Takimoto Matt Daddy
Michigan at Michigan State MSU Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan Michigan MSU Michigan
LSU at Florida
Florida LSU Florida Florida Florida Florida LSU FLA Florida
Arizona State at Washington
Oregon State at Arizona (-7.5)
Arizona Arizona Arizona OSU Arizona Arizona OSU Arizona
USC at Stanford (-7.5)
USC USC Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford Stanford

Michigan at Michigan State [Jeremy]:

This is one of those games where one of the two teams gets exposed as a fraud. My gut tells me Michigan is more likely to be that team. What does my guy know though? Jeff Sagarin is much smarter than me and his genius-guy predictor math says UM by 5 at home. Both teams are capable of moving the ball. The Spartans are in the top-25 for both rushing and scoring. Michigan ranks in the top-10 for both categories. Of course, Michigan's Denard Robinson is a highlight waiting to happen. Michigan State hasn't beaten Michigan three straight times since 1965-67. Their two-game streak gets broken in the Big House Saturday. Going with Michigan.

LSU at Florida [Takimoto]:

Florida is a good football team this year.  They'll probably make a bowl game.  Florida is not an elite team.  As inconsistent as the LSU have been, I'll take them at home.

edit: Man, I'm dumb.  I'm taking the home team, whichever one that is. -Takimoto

Arizona State at Washington [Matt Daddy]:

Talk about a game where you have absolutely no idea what you're going to get from either team.  Washington could play like they did at USC or like they did against Nebraska.  Should be interesting anyway to see how the stricter more disciplined ASU Sun Devils approach this game.  ASU has one of the better front 7's in the Pac this year, even without Burfict starting, and UW still suffers from a porous untalented offensive line.  If Steven Threet can manage to throw the ball to his own team, I think ASU has enough weapons to score consistently on a rather pedestrian UW secondary.  I look for ASU to bounce back this week and get a much needed road win.

Oregon State at Arizona (-7.5) [Dominic]:

A lot of people may be jumping on the "Arizona's Defense is Amazing!" bandwagon but I'm not one of them. I think their schedule has masked the truth behind their numbers. Although I like the Wildcats' offense, I don't think they have enough to keep Oregon State off the field. Oregon State's offense is playing better, the defense is starting to figure things out and there is this guy named James Rodgers that should be playing this week. This team was one win away from a Rose Bowl last year. Even though there's been some holes to fill, Mike Riley knows that the race for the Rose Bowl starts now. October is Beav-tober.

USC at Stanford (-7.5) [Jared]:

We now get to see what type of team USC really is. They talked a lot over the offseason about playing hard despite the bowl sanctions, but thus far, it doesn't seem that this team has the ability to focus and compete like previous USC teams did. On top of that, I am really unimpressed by Kiffin's job as a coach thus far. 

Stanford has it's own issues, but Andrew Luck should shred the USC defense, and Stanford should be able to get playing the game it wants to play this weekend. USC is still a very dangerous team, but I can't pick them until they show that they can play even close to their potential.
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