The Pac-10, Oregon, and FishDuck are "wussies."


Now THAT was a new experience.  I have never been cursed with some of most vile, vulgar language as I was when I added up the obvious on Mr. Fairley.  Auburn fans loved the good stuff that I wrote, (and never mentioned it) but disagree with them and whew!  It has become evident that the vast majority of college football fans who view the plays I mentioned come to the same conclusion as I.
So, I am not alone in my opinion of his play; see link.


Second...there seems to be some presumption that I prefer easier hitting or touch football; how is clean play weak? I LOVE the big hits like everyone else and want my defense laying the wood like every fan does. We have also had quite a few QB injuries at Oregon over the years. We lost our senior #2 QB to injury earlier this season, and I have no issue with the hit. We lost TWO QBs in one game in 2005, (Kellen Clemens who is now at the NY Jets, and Dennis Dixon with the Pittsburg Steelers) and I had no problem with those hits that took them out.

In 2007 we were #2 in the nation and moving toward the NC game when Dennis Dixon was hit in a hard typical tackle in the Arizona State game and then the knee collapsed in the Arizona game for the season...and our potential natty was gone.

So I have no problem with hard hits that create injury when the intent is to tackle hard and not injure. Look at all those examples listed in the “Fairley Bad” post and you’ll see all the QBs taken out of the games by one guy...and well, something then is not quite right.

There is quite the misperception about the two teams that has continued on these threads. The perception that Oregon is faster and that Auburn hits harder is nonsense. After watching six SEC games of Auburn--I am quite convinced that you Tigers have every bit of speed on the field as we do; we are not running past you.

The Auburn assertion of being ‘more-physical’ is incredibly fascinating. Both teams are nearly mirror images of each other in terms of the overall offense. Both run spread offenses that favor the running game and while Auburn pulls guards a little more often the Oregon...the Ducks do it a TOUGHER way with their inside running game. The Inside Zone Read is when the RB is behind and to the left of the QB. As he comes forward he will cross in front of the QB going to the opposite side between the guard and tackle. The Zone Read is the backside DE, or the DE on the left of the offense in this example. Folks...this is a basic dive play and it is a staple of the Oregon offense. It is what teams load the box for to stop LaMichael James from squirting through and running for TDs. It is the toughest man-on-man blocking there is.

Auburn runs this play, but not as often as Oregon. It is straight up physical and requires rooting the D-Linemen out of the spot. Then the guards peel off to attack the LBs. Chip calls it a "Bust Block" and he says that he tells the players to use the amount of force it would take to throw someone out of a bar! Auburn uses the Outside Zone Read reading the playside DE and pulls a guard for most of its inside plays. Although it's designed to go outside....if the DE takes the RB going left to right (which is what usually happens) then the pulling guard creams the LB and creates a huge lane for Cam to run. We don't run that variation, because Chip Kelly believes that the running needs to be done by the RB, not the QB. We use the QB to run, but not as the primary runner.

It takes guts to run your QB as your primary between-the-tackles runner for most basic inside yardage, but Gus and Cam make it work wonderfully. I have very much enjoyed watching your offense and actually I was already familiar with Gus Malzahn as I was watching YouTubes of his offenses this last summer. I love alot of the elements you use in your slight variations, which is going to make this game a Spread Offense Paradise. There are four Spread Offense Gurus that most Spread Offense sites recognize and they are Rich Rodriquez, Urban Meyer, Guz Malzahn, and Chip Kelly. This game will feature two of more innovative of the bunch, and I will get more into this in my summary report this Monday.

My point is...we both run Inside Zone Reads....we both run Outside Zone Reads....we both run Power Plays with a pulling guard… and we both run play-action passes off all of this. Oregon has more yardage than Auburn, and was the nations #1 in scoring. You can't do that playing patty-cake.

The people who say that Oregon is not as physical as Auburn have not watched our games or do not understand how our Spread Offenses work.

Anyway...good stuff, and thanks for reading and responding.


Charles Fischer   If you want to cut and paste this to a tiger board…fine, but send me a link with the password or post the link.  Thanks.

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