The myth of Auburn's "massive size" advantage

Listening to the first rounds of the BCS Championship game breakdowns I keep hearing things like, "if you watch Auburn get off the bus, then watch Oregon, you would pick Auburn no contest." The point is being made over and over again that Auburn's size will be a big advantage for them against Oregon, and to a bigger point that Oregon hasn't seen that kind of size before, and the Ducks will have to adjust their game.  After the jump I'm going to show how this is at the very least a myth, and at the most a bold-faced lie.


First, when talking about the size of Auburn, most pundits are talking about thier offensive line, defensive front 4, and their QB. Most fans will know that Cam Newton is 6-6 250, but I had to look up their lines. They avg 6-5 307 on the offensive line and 6-3 277 on defense. So ya they are big boys, but are they that much bigger than Oregon? Oregon's offensive line averages 6-5 294 and the defensive line averages 6-4 271.  That is 13 pounds bigger on offense and 6 pounds bigger on defense for those who don't want to do the math.  While they are slightly bigger, we are not talking men vs boys here, the difference is negligible. 

Ofcourse the offensive line plays against the defense not the other offensive line, so there is a big advantage for both of these offensive lines over their defensive lines in terms of size.  Auburn has an average of 36 pounds on the Oregon defensive front, while Oregon has an average of 17 pounds on the Auburn front 4. 

To the bigger point trying to be made by these pundits, lets see what Oregon has played against so far, we know they are 12-0, but they must have played against 250 pound offensive and defensive lines right?  Uh wrong, in fact Auburn won't even be the biggest team they have played. Here is a list of Oregon's opponents,

Stanford OL 6-5 301 // DL 6-4 267

USC OL 6-5 294 // DL 6-4 291

Tenn OL 6-6 312 // DL 6-3 258

UCLA OL 6-4 317 // DL 6-4 269

OSU OL 6-3 293 // DL 6-2 272

ASU OL 6-5 302 // DL 6-3 276

CAL OL 6-3 285 // DL 6-3 292

Arizona OL 6-5 317 // DL 6-3 273

Washington OL 6-4 288 // DL 6-4 274

WSU OL 6-5 295 // DL 6-5 272

If we were to rank Auburn's size, they would the 4th largest Offensive line the Ducks have played this season behind Arizona, UCLA, and Tenn. Their Defensive front would be the 3rd largest, behind Cal and USC.  The point I am making here is not that Auburn doesn't have good players, they obviously do, but it is not their size that makes them good. Oregon has faced many opponents who were just as big and in some cases bigger than Auburn, and the results were double digit wins in all but 1 case, Cal.   

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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