Tako Tuesdays: NFL Draft Prep

The most bloated, overblown, and ridiculous thing in sports starts this Thursday.  But enough about Prince Fielder.  The NFL draft in finally upon us.  By my count, there have been 6,270,000 mock drafts published, and none of them have a Duck going in the Top 10.  But that doesn't mean we can't preview the Ducks in the draft! 

Ed Dickson



The best Oregon tight end since Dante Rosario, Ed Dickson looks to be the first Duck drafted this weekend.  Mel Kiper Jr. has Dickson as the #2 TE in the draft, and is a consensus Top 5 TE. 

  • Pros - He has Pro Bowl-quality receiving talents, he's got incredible physical upside, and he's a very versatile player who has special teams value.
  • Cons - It's unclear how good a blocker he can be in the pros.  I know we all think he's a great blocker, and I think he's a good blocker, but his lateral movement at the combine wasn't great, and that will drop his stock a bit. 
  • Prediction - Round 2 to the Ravens (#57 overall)

TJ Ward



TJ Ward's stock, currently the #6 safety in Scouts Inc.'s rankings, has been on the rise considerably since a strong finish to the 2009 football season.  He impressed at the combine, and improved on his performance at Oregon's pro day.

  • Pros - Extremely high football IQ, above average cover skills for a safety, and had a great combine showing (sub 4.5 40, faster 3-cone time than Taylor Mays).  Oh, and he hits really hard.  Like, really hard.
  • Cons - Not as tall as your average NFL safety.  Of course, this guy was supposedly not tall enough either.
  • Prediction - Round 3 to the Chiefs (#68 overall)

Walter Thurmond III



Ahhhh, WT3.  I love you so.

  • Pros - Good-to-great cover corner, with excellent instincts and a great first step.  Sneaky fast, with both return and special teams coverage experience. 
  • Cons - I mean, I don't like to say it.  But he's "injury-prone".  Injury-prone means he's had one major injury in college and may or may not have injury problems in the pros (See Stewart, Jonathan).
  • Prediction - Round 3 to the 49ers (#79 overall).  And yes, I will be purchasing a Walter Thurmond III Niners jersey. 

LeGarrette Blount



The enigma.  First-round talent.  NFL Europe work ethic.  No effing idea character.

  • Pros - Really, really strong.  Really, really big.  Fast for a power back.  Had a great Senior Bowl.
  • Cons - Well, there's the questionable character thing.  I trust Tony Dungy, but some people don't.  I don't get it either.  There's also the work ethic and the not being very smart issues. 
  • Prediction - Round 4 to the Eagles (#121 overall)

Will Tukuafu



Will five Ducks get drafted?  Tukuafu's as borderline a draft choice as they come.  He'll get a shot somewhere, regardless of whether someone picks him. 

  • Pros - NFL size, high football IQ, and Tukuafu is a great NFL name.
  • Cons - Slow for a DE, didn't have a blow-me-away senior year or a blow-me-away off-season.
  • Prediction - Undrafted, but gets a shot with a team (probably the Seahawks).


Takimoto's Mock Draft

Yeah, I'm doing one.  Get over it.

1. Rams - Sam Bradford (QB): Yeah, it's happening.  Meh, who cares.  Have fun getting sacked on Astroturf eight games a year.

2. Lions - Gerald McCoy (DT): The pick here is either McCoy or Suh.  The Lions are pretty stupid, I figure they don't pick the physical freak.

3. Bucs - Ndamukong Suh (DT): No-brainer.  Next.

4. Redskins - Russell Okung (OT): The 'Skins need O-Line help, and take the best one available. 

5. Chiefs - Eric Berry (S): Apparently the question is whether a safety is worth Top 5 money.  Eric Berry is worth Top 5 money. 

6. Seahawks - Bryan Bulaga (OT)

7. Browns - Derrick Morgan (DE)

8. Raiders - Trent Williams (OT)

9. Bills - Dan Williams (NT)

10. Jaguars - CJ Spiller (RB)

11. Broncos - Earl Thomas (S)

12. Dolphins - Jason Pierre-Paul (DE)

13. 49ers - Anthony Davis (OT)

14. Seahawks - Dez Bryant (WR)

15. Giants - Rolando McClain (ILB)

16. Titans - Joe Haden (CB)

17. 49ers - Brandon Graham (OLB)

18. Steelers - Jimmy Clausen (QB)

19. Falcons - Mike Iupati (G)

20. Texans - Kyle Wilson (CB)

21. Bengals - Jermaine Gresham (TE)

22. Patriots - Sergio Kindle (OLB)

23. Packers - Jerry Hughes (DE)

24. Eagles - Charles Brown (OT)

25. Ravens - Kareem Jackson (CB)

26. Cardinals - Demaryius Thomas (WR)

27. Cowboys - Taylor Mays (S)

28. Chargers - Ryan Mathews (RB)

29. Jets - Jared Odrick (DT)

30. Vikings - Rodger Saffold (OT)

31. Colts - Maurkice Pouncey (C/G)

32. Saints - Daryl Washington (OLB)



Have I given Shufelt a Keg Sticker for his Ducked Up Images yet?  Meh, here's one regardless.


Matt Daddy - 5
Bill Musgrave - 4
Gorbachav5 - 4
JonathanPDX - 3
Addicted to Quack - 3
JShufelt - 3
Takimoto - 2
axemen23 - 2
ntrebon - 1
echo31 - 1
CaDuck - 1
trumpetduck - 1
HoodRiverDuck - 1
QuackinAK - 1
jtlight - 1
benzduck - 1
qrsouther - 1
AllSaintsDay - 1
scudderfan - 1
Mrs. Gorby - 1
MiracleWolf - 1

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