Breaking Down the Oregon Roster in NCAA 11-Offense

I just thought I'd put together a little something on Oregon's roster in NCAA 11. Today we will look at Oregon's offense. Just remember, I don't always break down NCAA 11 rosters, but when I do, I prefer doing it on ATQ. Stay strung out on quack, my friends.



1. Jeremiah Masoli-92 OVR, 85 THP, 89 THA, 85 SPD

2. Nate Costa-85 OVR, 90 THP, 85 THA, 71 SPD

3. Darron Thomas-80 OVR, 89 THP, 78 THA, 90 SPD

4. Daryle Hawkins-74 OVR, 84 THP, 86 THA, 85 SPD


Masoli is still included in the game despite no longer being a part of the program. Costa's speed is a bit underrated and Thomas's is overrated, in my opinion. I would also bump Darron's throwing accuracy up, I don't see any reason why it is so low, especially when an unproven guy like Daryle's is an 86. Whatever though.

Running Backs

1. LaMichael James-95 OVR, 97 SPD, 95 AGI, 94 ACC, 89 BRK

2. Kenjon Barner-89 OVR, 92 SPD, 89 AGI, 95 ACC, 86 BRK

3. Remene Alston-85 OVR, 95 SPD, 91, AGI, 85 ACC, 82 BRK

4. Lache Seastrunk-78 OVR, 91 SPD, 89 AGI, 93 ACC, 80 BRK

5. Jide Shinaba-65 OVR, 91 SPD, 80 AGI, 80 ACC, 65 BRK

BONUS FULLBACK! Malachi Lewis-84 OVR, 86 SPD, 85 AGI, 87 ACC, 84 BRK


Not really sure why Shinaba's break tackle rating is so low and why they have Lewis listed as a pretty accurate otherwise, except I would bump LMJ's acceleration rating up to about 97 or 98. Not a bad job by EA on the RB's though. Kenjon and Remene look quite accurate. CaDuck will be thrilled with Kenjon's 89 overall.

Wide Recievers

1. Jeff Maehl-88 OVR, 89 SPD, 92 ACC, 87 CAT

2. DJ Davis-88 OVR, 90 SPD, 93 ACC, 82 CAT

3. Lavasier Tuinei-85 OVR, 93 SPD, 96 ACC, 75 CAT

4. Tyrece Gaines-81 OVR, 88 SPD, 93 ACC, 74 CAT

5. Diante Jackson-78 OVR, 90 SPD, 92 ACC, 75 CAT

6. Mikey Dosen (?)-74 OVR, 87 SPD, 86 ACC, 70 CAT

7. Eric Dungy-69 OVR, 86 SPD, 93 ACC, 65 CAT

8. Dane Ebanez-66 OVR, 94 SPD, 80 ACC, 62 CAT

9. Nick Cole-61 OVR, 83 SPD, 86 ACC, 60 CAT



I'd put switch Jackson and Gaines. Once again, looks pretty good. Tuinei would be an absolute beast if his catching ability was higher. I wasn't sure about Dosen, no one seems to match up with the player very well. Poor Nick Cole. He's the lowest rated player on the roster.

Tight Ends

1. David Paulson-82 OVR, 85 SPD, 68 CAT, 79 PB, 85 RB

2. Dion Jordan-79 OVR, 80 SPD, 70 CAT, 70 PB, 72 RB

3. Curtis White-75 OVR, 90 SPD, 75 CAT, 77 PB, 77 RB


EA goofed this up. Paulson is fine, but Dion Jordan is now a defensive end, so he shouldn't even be listed at this position. Also, there is no way in hell that White's speed rating should be a 90. I mean, the guy has decent speed, but a guy with a 4.78 40 time should NOT have a 90 speed rating. On that scale, LMJ's speed should be like a 284.


Offensive Tackles

1. Bo Thran-90 OVR, 88 STR, 85 PB, 85 RB

2. C.E. Kaiser-87 OVR, 85 STR, 83 PB, 83 RB

3. Darrion Weems-84 OVR, 88 STR, 87 PB, 88 RB

4. Everett Benyard-79 OVR, 85 STR, 95 PB, 95 RB

5. Nick Cody-75 OVR, 88 STR, 83 PB, 85 RB


Everett Benyard seems to be quite a beast, however he's still 4th string. I think Thran and Kaiser may be slightly underrated, but that may just be the Oregon homer in me.


Offensive Guards

1. Carson York-87 OVR, 87 STR, 84 PB, 83 RB

2. Mark Asper-82 OVR, 92 STR, 89 PB, 86 RB

3. Charlie Carmichael-79 OVR, 89 STR, 84 PB, 87 RB

4. Josh Sanford-74 OVR, 81 STR, 82 PB, 79 RB

5. Nick Rowland-72 OVR, 88 STR, 85 PB, 85 RB


I don't know if I would agree that York is that much better than Asper. Ryan Clanton is conspicuously missing from the roster.



1. Jordan Holmes-87 OVR, 86 STR, 81 PB, 80 RB

2. Max Forer-70 OVR, 85 STR, 77 PB, 76 RB


Jordan Holmes rises in the morning and pisses excellence. That's all I really have to say.




THP-Throwing Power

THA-Throwing Accuracy




BRK-Break Tackle


PB-Pass Blocking

RB-Run Blocking



There you go. Complain and analyze below.

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