Tako Tuesdays: The Best of the Internet, As of Today

benzduck will tell you that back in the dark ages, people sent these things called letters.  What you did was you wrote what you needed to say on a piece of paper, put it in another piece of paper folded into a pouch-type configuration, put a tiny, adhesive-backed, square in the corner, and put it in a big box inside a building called a Post Office.  These Post Officers would then take your letter to whoever you wanted, generally on horseback or by dirigible.  This took weeks.  You couldn't say things like "LOL usuck" via mail.  It just wasn't very funny. 

JConant will tell you that people used to use these things called fax machines.  You put your document in this machine that looked like a corded telephone attached to a printer, dialed a phone number, it made a horrible noise at you, and then your document went through the machine.  If all went according to plan, the number you dialed got a copy of your document.  These things rarely worked, and generally caused more headaches than necessary. 

Then the Internet came along.  And it was wonderful.  People didn't have to talk face to face anymore!  We could say whatever we wanted with unlimited candor, and have no fear of repercussions.  Simply glorious.  As Internet speeds got faster, we started putting music, and eventually videos, online.  Today the World Wide Interweb has nearly everything you could possibly want, though very little you actually need.  I present to you, the best of the Internet. 

If you are new to the Internet degenerate craze, do not fear.   This isn't going away.  A good place to start would be here,  This list doesn't even begin to describe the kind of time I've wasted online.  But I have a college degree, so none of that matters now.  This list is just what came to my mind this week.

note: links may be NSFW, so don't click at work.  You have things to do anyway.

The Soundtrack of the Internet

Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

A Fun Beat From Outer Space by Ronald Jenkees

Show Me Your Genitals by Jon Lajoie

Love In This Club by the Rock-A-Fire Explosion

In the Air Tonight by Naturally 7

any OK Go video, especially Here It Goes Again or any This Too Shall Pass version

Torn by Natalie Imbruligia, featuring some hot mime action!

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog




Funny Funny Funny

500 Impressions in 2 Minutes

Christopher Walken Reads Lady Gaga


The Landlord

Any Hitler Downfall parody (this one's about Sarah Palin)

Potter Puppet Pals


Short and Sweet

The Dramatic Lemur - Dramatic Chipmunk is overrated


F*** Planet Earth

I Like Turtles


Sites and Blogs (Besides ATQ)

Look at this F***ing Hipster

The A.V Club

Hair Guy

Amazing Super Powers

My First Dictionary


Just Plain Cool Stuff to Play With

Keyboard Drum Kit

Tone Matrix




There's your start!  Now go explore the wonder that is the Internet!

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