Practice, Week 2, Day 3

Another day, another practice. On to the notes.


  • It wasn't as hot today as it was before, but the team played a little sluggish. They got a kick in the ass by the coaches when the hurry-up offense period began. All three teams of offense looked good with their respective quarterbacks. Costa and Thomas split time at first-team QB today pretty evenly, it seemed.
  • After Thomas' performance yesterday, a day in which he really seemed to understand how to use his feet on scrambles to his advantage and make up for his lacking acceleration, today he just seemed off. Quite a few misfires and a few miscommunication-based interceptions. The interceptions still don't bother me, for either quarterback. 
  • James participated a lot today and his knee looked fine. He was cutting, spinning, the works. Looked as though nothing had ever happened with his knee.
  • Barner, on the other hand, may not be so fortunate. He stayed out most of today, wearing the red jersey and sporting the hard cast still. I won't pretend to know anything about the injury other than what's been reported by the real journalists, but I do worry that Barner has a pretty painful injury.
  • Remene Alston (foot) wasn't around today as far as I saw. Hopefully both him and Barner will be A-OK by the time New Mexico rolls in, otherwise we might be having a Day On The Lache come September 4th.
  • Lache Seastrunk gets my vote as most improved player over the course of camp so far. On the first few days Seastrunk seemed pretty raw and not yet set in the college mode. Lots of switching his field in last-stand hopes of making a huge play that always ended up losing three more yards. He's doing that a lot less now, realizing that his speed doesn't get him out of everything anymore. Overheard from Chip Kelly today on the field after a Seastrunk improv hour: "Lache you just went ten yards to get one yard!" Yesterday they completely ran him ragged in one hurry-up red-zone offense period. He had his hands on his thighs and seemed to be signaling to have Dontae to spell him or something. He carried the entire offense on his back from about 20 yards out on three or four really gutsy runs. One in particular where he hit the wall, shifted outside, and toughed it out to stretch the ball over the goalline. After initial celebration, the coaches ruled him down at the 1-inch line. This was hilarious to watch for us, while Seastrunk exclaimed a loud "FFFFUUUUU-" and threw his hands in the air. The real irony? They swapped Dontae Williams in for the next play and had him punch it in from the 1-inch line. 
  • More on Seastrunk because the last bullet was getting lengthy. His hands, while still inconsistent, are still improving. He was catching the ball pretty well today and running with it. One distinct trait of Seastrunk that I admire is his coachability. Some kids take weeks if not years to be taught to do the right thing on the field, and Seastrunk is quick to apply what the coaches advise him on.
  • I didn't see Josh Huff out there today. Hope he's alright. He has huge potential to come in and play immediately if he gets healthy.
  • Javes Lewis looked like he was still feeling that collision with Brandon Williams yesterday. He wore a red jersey today.

Anything you want to know more about? I'll try and help you out.

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