My favorite Oregon Ducks links

Hey gang, I thought it would be fun to share some links to my favorite Oregon Ducks websites. Who else should I be reading?

It's truely amazing to an old fart like me, just how much info is out there now. I maintain that the rise of the Internet has been the ruin of me as an all-around sports fan. In the old days, I would happily watch SportsCenter or a baseball game or even a golf tournament. Now, it's like "I have an hour to kill, should I watch SportsCenter or should I read Addicted To Quack?" No contest!

I will rank these in order of preference, though in some cases it's too close to call.

(1) Addicted To Quack. Naturally!

(2) Rob Mosley's blog (Register-Guard)

Also, I highly recommend Rob's book, "What It Means To Be A Duck". You'll love it, your dad will love it even more.

(3) My Twitter feed, where I follow ATQ, Rob Mosely, Oregon Football, and MightyOregon. (I was following Ted Miller of the ESPN Pac-10 blog, but the dude is just too prolific on the re-tweets.) Mosely's tweets are terrific during games -- he offers up all kinds of tidbits that the TV announcers ignore, things like "Maehl was wide open deep but Masoli didn't have time to throw" or "Harris is in for Gildon, who is being checked out by the trainers".

(4) Bob Rickert's blog (Oregonion). He used to write a lot more often. Hopefully he ramps it up again this fall. He's a cranky old cuss (or maybe he's a cranky young cuss, I have no idea) but I like his takes and his style.

(5) Bob Clark's "Around the Pac-10" column (Register-Guard). I've been a fan ever since 1988, when he let me shadow him on the job one day while he called other reporters and then banged out his column.

(No link yet...wait until the season starts.)

(6) Oregon Gridiron. The official website of Oregon Football. I love the look of this site, and all the great videos. I wish it were a little easier to navigate, though.

(7) YouTube channels. We've all watched keeerrrttt1's videos -- talk about a treasure trove! I also like a guy called "MadMike1951" and another called "NWSports200". Lots of game highlights. I firmly believe that YouTube is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

(8) eDuck. The original Ducks fansite, I've been reading these guys since it was called "Duck 77" and it took 3 minutes to load on my 14.4 dial-up modem. The message boards are probably the most active of any Ducks website. I don't really visit as much anymore, since ATQ came along.

(9) College Football News - Oregon page. They say every time you read CFN, God kills a kitten. Sorry kittens, I still like their predictions and recaps.

(10) USA Today Pac-10 page. I don't know who writes these, but the team recaps each week are full of good information. (Something is wrong with the link right now, it's only showing the USC capsule instead of all 10 teams like normal. You can also get the same content at some other sites, like CBS and Fox.)

(11) Oregon Cheerleaders!


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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