Tako Tuesdays: Outfits

Sorry for the lateness of the post. I usually write it the night before, but a heck of a weekend left me asleep at 7 last night. Ask me about it sometime.

Last weekend, I saw (approximately):

  • 73 sparkly cowboy hats
  • 36 women in bikins, with a combined weight of 7200 pounds.
  • 146 grown men wearing nothing but board shorts. In a CVS Pharmacy.
  • three men wearing tuxedos... and sandals.
  • thirteen men wearing European-style bikini swimsuits. Incidentally, twelve of those thirteen had also, most likely, gotten a spray tan in the last 72 hours.
Can you guess where I was?

If you said Las Vegas, then congratulations, you are correct. If you said JShufelt's Ninth Annual 4th of July Disco Swing Party, you're wrong, but I can see where you'd be confused.

Las Vegas is the land of excess, where every night is a Saturday night and every day is a continuation of the previous night's Saturday night. You can wear a swimsuit to a bar, and a cocktail dress to McDonald's. Bourbon Street has Mardi Gras, and Times Square has New Year's Eve, but it's a costume party every night in Sin City.


In honor of all the endless dressing up, I give you my third attempt to dress up the Ducks for the upcoming season. You can find volumes 1 and 2 HERE and HERE, and my picks for this season after the jump.


First, a couple of thoughts:


  • Do we see throwbacks this year? - If we see them, it won't throwbacks we've already seen. Those are so 2009. If they were part of the regular rotation, we would've seen them last year.
  • Do we see the national championship game uniforms this year? - I don't think so, but it wouldn't surprise me if we saw them. The jersey is basically the same as the original white/carbon set, only with yellow trim. Would we be ridiculous enough to add a third road jersey to regular use, especially one that we lost the NC game in? I say no, but we'll see what happens.
On to the games:

@ LSU: G-G-G  - Another SEC road opening opponent for the Ducks, this time on a much bigger stage and without a warm up game like we had with New Mexico last year. I wasn't able to figure out which team is the designated home team, the Tigers wear white at home anyway, meaning we will almost certainly be wearing a colored jersey. I can't see us getting fancy with this one; we waited to wear the all greens until Stanford last year because our first two home games were laughers. We won't have time to get cute this year.

Nevada: C-Y-S - Why the hell haven't we worn this yet? Can someone answer me that? It's time.

Missouri State: B-G-W - The question isn't if we'll win this one; the question is, how many points will we score? We're going to try something new and weird looking in this one, and I think this actually doesn't look that bad. B-B-W would look pretty cool too.

@ Arizona: G-WG-W- We keep it simple for the first white jersey game of the year. We generally have trouble winning/ not breaking quarterbacks in Tuscon, so this game always scares me. I'm glad it's in September this year, instead of the heart attack-inducing November game we're used to.

Cal: B-B-B - Thursday night on national TV, against an opponent we're slowly growing to hate? Sounds like a great candidate for a blackout game.

Arizona State: G-G-S - We reboot the uniform we wore against Arizona last year, and throttle another team from the Grand Canyon State.

@Colorado: G-WG-G - Colorado wears gold and black, and it'll be a better looking game if we go heavy on the white and green. 

Washington State: B-Y-B - I feel bad for the Bumblebees set. We've pawned it off on a blowout two straight years, including Washington State in 2009. But if it ain't broke, keep winning by 40.

@Washington: W-WG-W - We take it back to where the Stormtroopers were first created: Husky Stadium, Seattle, WA. In case you've forgotten, we went for 465 rushing yards in that game, and won by three touchdowns. Happy I Hate Washington Day.

@Stanford: G-WS-S - Similar to last year's Civil War uni, but with the green lid. We could go with black pants here too, but I like the steel.

USC: C-G-B - I thought about guessing this one against Cal, for the irony.


I would predict something for the Pac-12 championship game and our bowl game, but Nike will probably design some new jersey with a calorimeter and an iPod Touch in it, and make my prediction moot. 

If you'd like to take a look at last year's results, and an up-to-date account of the Wings uni history, look HERE.
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