2011 ATQ Jersey Contest

[Terms and Conditions of contest updated 8/30/2011]

With football just around the corner, it's time to announce the fifth annual ATQ Jersey Contest.  The format of the contest is simple: each week of the college football season, you will make picks for five games that I select at the beginning of each week.  Most of the games will simply be picking the winner, though I reserve the right to make certain games against the spread.  Whoever has the most correct picks at the end of the season will win a jersey. Previous winners include: PhantomF4 (2010 - after a tiebreaker) axemen23 (2009), buffduck (2008) and jteubs (2007 - after a tiebreaker).  If you're interested in participating this year, all of the rules are after the jump.  If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below.

Weekly Picks: Your picks are due by 11.59 pm PT on Friday each week.  Thus, the contest will only include games that are played on Saturday or Sunday.  I will post the five games each week on Monday.  Included in the Monday post will be an embedded form for you to make your picks.  A  SBNation username is required -- if a valid SBNation user name is not submitted with the form, the entry will be ignored.   Your picks may be changed up until the Friday deadline.  If you do change your picks, simply resubmit the form.  Your picks are timestamped and I will accept the latest set of picks that are submitted prior to the deadline. As mentioned above, the picks will typically be simply picking the winner.  However, I reserve the right to also choose games where you will be picking against the spread.  If I do, the spread will be chosen and posted on Monday with the games.  The spread will not move once I have posted it.  Finally, though it will put you at an obvious disadvantage to miss any picks, it is not necessary to make your picks every week.  That is, you will not be disqualified if you miss or forget to make your picks during a given week.

Here is a brief rundown of how the contest works, but for the official rules, download this PDF.

Contest Duration: The jersey contest will span the regular season, beginning the week of 9/3 and culminating with the week of 12/3, which will include the conference championship games. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will include a pick'em for the bowl games.

Tiebreaker: In the event of a tie after the 14 weeks of the regular season, bowl games will be used to determine a winner.  If necessary, further tiebreakers will be included as needed and may include predicting the total score of the BCS championship game, predicting the number of turnovers in the BCS championship game, etc.  The format and substance of all tiebreakers will be at my discretion.

Eligibility: All ATQ members are eligible, except for contributors to the blog.  Simply log in and make your picks each week.

Prize: The winner of the contest will receive an Oregon jersey of their choosing, approximately an $80 USD value.  The winner will be contacted via the email listed in their profile after the contest concludes. A second place prize will be a $50 gift certificate from GameDay Depot, which has licensed Oregon items, as well as custom Addicted To Quack apparel.

Weekly Prize:  This season, the weekly winner will receive a $10 gift certificate from GameDay depot. In the case of multiple winners in a given week, a unique winner will be chosen randomly.

Blogger picks: By Friday, the blog will also post blogger picks for the weekly games, which will include our own picks along with our brief thoughts on the games.  Feel free to ridicule our picks.

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