Oregon Alumni in the NFL 2011 Season Week 2

Here are the Oregon Alumni NFL Week 2 stats.  I have removed players that aren't on the active roster, meaning Injured reserves and cut players are off. I have also listed where a player is on the depth chart if they don't have stats of note.

Not listing cumulative season stats until probably half way through the season.

Dixon and Bair were inactive for week 2 (again) but are on the active roster.  I am posting prior to Monday Night football so A.J. Feeley and Spencer Paysinger's stats won't be up until after that game.

Also of note Justin Peelle was picked up by the 49ers on September 13th, he had been cut by the Falcons over an injury a few weeks ago.

As usual please feel free to add any insight into the stats if you watched a particular game.

Stats come from ESPN/Yahoo! box scores, unless otherwise noted.

New England Patriots

Patrick Chung- 5 TOT, 4 ST

Miami Dolphins

Dante Rosario -no recorded stats,  signed by the Miami Dolphins on Sept. 5th

New York Giants

Spencer Paysinger- 1 ST (special teams), 3rd string RLB

Carolina Panthers

Jonathan Stewart- 6 Car, 5 yards, long of 5, 8 Rec, 100 yards, long of 21, targeted 8 times (2nd leading receiver for Panthers)

Philadelphia Eagles

Casey Matthews- 7 TOT, 4 ST, 1 TFL [ESPN] or 7 TOT, 5 ST [Yahoo!]

Baltimore Ravens

Ed Dickson- 2 Rec, 25 yards, long of 16, targeted 6 times

Haloti Ngata- 6 TOT, 4 ST, 1 Pass Def (PD) [ESPN] or 5 TOT, 4 ST [Yahoo!]           

Pittsburgh Steelers

Dennis Dixon- inactive (again)

Buffalo Bills

Jairus Byrd- 10 TOT, 8 ST

Chicago Bears

Nick Reed- 1 TOT, 1 ST, 3rd string LDE

Matt Toeaina- 2 TOT [ESPN] or 2 TOT, 1 ST [Yahoo!] 2nd string RDT

San Francisco 49ers

Adam Snyder - no recored stats, 2nd string Center (but playing backup tackle)

Will Tukuafu - 1 TOT, 1 ST

Justin Peelle- signed with the 49ers on Sept 13th, listed as 3rd string TE

Seattle Seahawks

Max Unger - no recorded stats, 1st string Center

Walter Thurmond - 3 TOT, 1 ST, 1st string DB

St. Louis Rams

A.J. Feeley -No recorded stats

Kansas City Chiefs

Brandon Bair - inactive (again)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

LeGarrette Blount - 13 Car, 71 yards, long of 27, 2 TDs

Oakland Raiders

Jerome Boyd - 4 TOT, 2 ST [ESPN} or 4 TOT, 3 ST [Yahoo!]

Detroit Lions

Maurice Morris - did not play, still dealing with broken hand and had problems last week

Cleveland Browns

T.J. Ward - 4 TOT, 2 ST, 2 PD

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