The Oregonian Revised Part 1

As far as I'm concerned, the biggest dumbass in the state of Oregon is not a person, nor is it a sports entity (like Nike), but is instead it's local headlining news publication, The Oregonian. After years of perusal, the fact remains that as we - as a society - progress to a new day in age where news mediums are far more paperless, The Oregonian and all of it's incoherent blather will most likely explode like the Eye of Sauron upon the destruction of the One Ring. At what date that will be remains undetermined, but will it happen? With the likes of Ken Goe, Aaron Fentress and John Canzano - all of which are currently proving that journalism can't prosper in smaller metropolitan areas - those odds are solid.

So I'm beginning a every-so-often series of analyzing past headlines that have recently embraced the black-and-white fecal matter that is The Oregonian printing press. Each headline will be followed by a synopsis of the steaming pile of an article and what exactly it was attempting to say. Let's begin with our Mayan calendar of sorts, Mr. Ken Goe:

Goe: Will Chip Kelly still be on board when the Ducks face the NCAA committee on infractions?

Ducks are preparing for the Committee on Infractions. Inference made initially to "facing the music" and then another more resonant inference made to Kelly preparing to "cut and run."

Reality: Yes, Ken, this is precisely what will happen. Oregon will get absolutely destroyed by the most corrupt athletic organization (NCAA) existing in this current day-in-age. And rightfully so, so it will be - as you call it - music to your ears. After years of predicting 7-5 seasons for Oregon, one might actually appear. And Kelly, seeing as he has NEVER taken responsibility for any actions in his life on or off the field, will obviously retreat in cowardice as The Oregonian has predicted all along. He's not Mike Riley, and doesn't give good interviews, therefore he will run like Falstaff at the nearest sign of trouble.

Or, perhaps - just perhaps - Kelly will own the imbroglio (as he's done all along) and finish what he believes is his job. If this doesn't include the NCAA's pointed finger, maybe - just maybe - the NCAA isn't the upholding organization we outstanding journalists have all thought it to be (after all, how could an organization that engenders indentured servitude EVER withstand ignominy of any sort?).

Canzano: It's sad how Oregon Ducks fans turned on Lache Seastrunk (posted last year, but boy is this gold)

Seastrunk, after leaving the University of Oregon, has turned Oregon fans into bloodthisty savages who only wish him ill.

Reality: Read what Dominic Vieira wrote only two days ago about the kid. Yes, Oregon fans are actually fairly classy. Maybe it's because we win more than your precious OSU? Maybe it's because we don't hand ribbons out to everyone and understand in the end this is a business and not some stupid-ass soccer-like participation? Maybe we are nicer because we can afford to be nicer and you're just a skulking bedwetting journalist who gets pissy just because we largely call you out for what you are: a face made for radio and a voice made for obscurity.

Goe: Under-achieving Longhorns aren't getting much bang for the buck.

Riley does a lot with a little. Mack does a little with a lot. And for the record, Mack has NO NCAA RULES VIOLATIONS WHATSOEVER. Oregon State's season is remarkable insofar.

Reality: Texas may have no NCAA rules violations, but the fact that most NCAA rules violations stem back to them (read here the Bush case, Patrick Peterson, Adrian Petersen, Seastrunk and Lyles) is extremely disconcerting. Furthermore, why is this coming up in THIS article? I fail to see relevance in bringing this tidbit up at all. The story was that Mack Brown is a bad coach - and we get that. But is Riley that much better? After watching last night I'm inclined to say "nope."

Yes, Mike Riley is a good coach. He's probably the best the Beavers have ever had. But failing to make a decision on a quarterback throughout the length of the year is inexcusable. No, Ken, it's not the loss that's inexcusable (after all, doesn't Texas have better players than OSU?) it's the decision-making via the head coach. I understand having faith in a kid throughout a game, but only if that kid can actually play. At a certain point in the first quarter it was becoming increasingly obvious that Cody Vaz could not. And as any father-figure would say, you want your kids to succeed always. That means putting them into situations where they can succeed. With Mannion in for his only series, pioneering the team to a touchdown mostly through running plays, it was evident to ANY bystander that Mannion was the better option that day.

And that's all that Kelly's ever been chided for while at the University of Oregon in a simple but effective mantra "winning the day." Sure, even Kelly has failed to be true to his word with the phrase, and the phrase itself is a tad bit cliche, but it's past time that all publications in Oregon began to embrace "winning the day" for what it is: good head-coaching. Riley had blind faith in one player, but in doing so he did not "win the day." That makes for a failing grade in Football 101. And it also begins to show as good as this season might have been for OSU, it has finally become clear that Riley is - after all these years - essentially past his prime. That is the real story here and it's not-so-alarming it was missed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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