Tako Tuesdays: The Music Thread

Note: I'm making it a thing to place all non-Ducks related, open forum type stuff in the FanPosts, as opposed to the front page.

Music. I majored in it. I get paid to teach it to kids sometimes. I perform it. And I listen to a lot of it. Is it all intellectually challenging, texturally dense, or played by bassoons? Heck no. Case in point: I love Kenny Loggins. Like, more than a friend, love Kenny Loggins. That cracker can sing. Anyway, on to the list of stuff I've been listening to lately:

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light Is there anything bad about the Foo Fighters? They're one of the best rock bands of this generation, they make great music videos (Everlong) (Walk) (The Pretender), and they're one of the last true old-school rock bands left; by old school, I mean that they play their own instruments, really well, and what they put on an album sounds exactly like what you'll hear when you see them live. Just to prove their point, the Foo Fighters recorded this album in lead singer Dave Grohl's garage. Yep, they're a garage band.

Poncho Sanchez and Terence Blanchard = Chano e Dizzy! Two of the best jazzmen in the game, New Orleans trumpeter Blanchard and congo legend Sanchez, pay tribute to jazz pioneers Chano Pozo and Dizzy Gillespie. Blanchard is one of my favorite trumpet players active today, and this is a perfect album to complement summertime day drinking (BBQ optional).

Philip Glass - Einstein on the Beach I love minimalism; the twenty-page paper I wrote in college on Steve Reich's "Music for 18 Musicians" can attest to that. And this Philip Glass four-act opera is a master work, painting a picture of Albert Einstein in a completely new way. It is an opera in that it tells a story through music; however, it lacks a plot. I would compare it more to walking through an art exhibition, and experiencing each section while coming around to the theme completely on your own. Instead of text, numbers, solfege syllables, and disjointed sections of poetry are used. Titles of subsections include "Mr. Bojangles", "Prematurely Air Conditioned Supermarket", and "Spaceship".

The Black Keys - Brothers I know tracks from their latest album, "El Camino", are currently blowing up your radio. "Gold on the Ceiling", in particular, is an infectious jump-around anthem that gets in your head and just won't leave. But I'm bumping Brothers, and not for mega-hits "Tighten Up" and "Howlin' for You". My three favorite tracks are "The Go Getter", the perfect song to listen to while drunkenly staggering towards a bad decision, the cruising for chicks in a cherry-red convertible "Next Girl", and "Sinister Kid", which makes the walk home from Whole Foods with a canvas bag full of kale and quinoa feel infinitely more badass. Because, as healthy and delicious as it may be, there's nothing badass about quinoa.

Jack White - Blunderbuss If you aren't listening to something Jack White has his hands in (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) at least once a week, you're being irresponsible. Cut it out. Cut it out right now.

Zoe Keating - One Cello x 16: Natoma She's a Canadian-born cellist who is pushing the boundaries of her instrument with electronics, looping, and a cinematic aura that takes listeners on a trip. This album is full of dense harmonies, driving rhythms, and uncomfortable and wonderful timbres and dissonances.

Rubblebucket - Omega La La Rubblebucket is a musical hodge-podge, mixing dance pop with ska horns and creative and clever songwriting to make them like nothing else out there. Their density makes for a musical treasure hunt, discovering new things every time you listen. And they're catchy as hell, especially the awesomely-title "Came Out of a Lady"

The Crane and the Crow - Full disclaimer: this is the folk-pop-rock band I'm fortunate enough to play with. But we're damn good, and with your help, we won't be #32 on the East Bay pop charts on for long!

What are you listening to, fellow quack addicts? Let us know in the comments!

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