New Season. New T-Shirt.

So I'm looking at drawing up a few ideas for new T-Shirts. So I'm crowd sourcing ideas.

This is a lot more difficult than you might imagine. Ideas aren't too difficult to come up with. Good ideas that can actually be used - that's a lot more difficult.

So what is the criteria?

Well there are a few absolutely no, can't do, not ever. Don't suggest these, please.

1. Absolutely no names or pictures of players or coaches. Including people who use to coach.
This includes any likeness. So initials like LMJ are a no-go.
2. Absolutely no trademarked names, brands, logos, images or anything like that.
3. Absolutely no profanity
4. Absolutely no graphic sex or violence
5. Dave or any of the other Managers, Editors, or Authors may have rules of what can't happen.

Now we have those out of the way, there are a few "meh" ideas.

First, AtQ specific memes are not a good idea. If you have to explain the joke to other people, it isn't a good idea.

Second, I'm not a talented artist. If you think some sort of image is a good idea, then it needs to be relatively simple for me to draw - or you need to make it yourself (And I mean it has to be done yourself. Not piecing together parts of other images).

Third, if you wouldn't say it on the blog, or you wouldn't say it to your mother - it probably isn't a good idea either.

Fourth, using multiple colors MAY increase the cost of the T-Shirt. Any ideas that require a print on the front AND back will increase the cost of the T-Shirt.

Here is a link to the current store.

I bought every version of every shirt, and it was a good learning experience. (Shirt colors, image location) So as long as the ideas are good, the quality will be even better this year.

If you see good ideas in the comments, please, hit that "Rec" button and turn it green.

UPDATE: So in order to get the license for one of the shirt ideas (See in the comments), we need to raise about $250. Please donate here (Note, donations do not act or contribute to purchasing, and any purchasing will need to be a separate transaction AFTER licensing has been obtained).

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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