Oregon Club of Eugene - help!

Hey all! As some - most? - of you know, I'm the newest Office Administrator for the Oregon Club of Eugene. One of the big things I'd like to do is increase our membership and make it more diverse. I was hoping to crowd source it and see if you guys could come up with some brilliant (but doable) ideas. Just throw anything out there - the board this year is very forward thinking and we're open to anything.

Details after the jump.

Currently, individual membership is $75, family membership (2 adults, 2 children) is $100, corporate is $225 for 4 employees (buy 3 get one free) and lifetime membership is $825. Current perks:

  • The memberships are tax deductible and mainly serve to get you into our Monday luncheon meetings.
  • The meetings are August 27-May20ish, every Monday at 12pm-1pm either at Valley River Inn or the Hilton. Lunch is not included but it's only about $15. We always have either players or coaches at the luncheons and we raffle off an item (signed ball, signed poster or Oregon gear).
  • We also have a benefit auction in October - it's our biggest fundraiser. I'll post about it later in depth but the items are awesome - for example, I have a liquid metal Rose Bowl helmet (which will be signed by the whole team) sitting on my desk. We also have many signed items, dinners with coaches, etc...
  • O Club members get 20% off in the Duck store on certain, predetermined dates.

Ideas to improve the value/grow membership:

  • I know it's difficult for people to make the Monday lunches - I never could have attended at my previous jobs. Unfortunately it's the only time the coaches can make it, so it really can't move. Ideally we'd like to do a monthly meeting after hours with a coach, but I'm not sure if it's doable. Obviously due to compliance reasons players couldn't attend at a bar or restaurant.
  • We were also hoping to partner with some local companies to get discounts for Oregon Club members - say 10% off at a bar or burger and a brew for $8. We're hoping to have after hours get-togethers during the year to watch big games or just talk Ducks with fellow fans.
  • I would like to send out a short weekly newsletter - just a recap of last week, what we're doing next week and maybe a guest spot for previewing the next week's game (hint hint all you pithy writers out there!).
  • Our Facebook account is only updated a few times a year and is woefully underutilized. Our Twitter account has been used once. This will be fixed.
  • I would love to have tailgaters at away games but the logistics are difficult. Ideas?
  • What do you guys think about shirts and/or bumper stickers? We really have no branding. I would like to make this club feel exclusive - "if you're a real fan you're a member" sort of thing. Actually making that happen is the hard part. It seems like we need to find a niche, but what? I can't compete with ATQ for news or FishDuck for information.
Oh, and by the way, if anyone is interested in joining just contact me. I get points for how many new
members I bring in :) (and bonuses...).

I'm also collection donations for the auction. We raised around $140,000 last year and had about 500 guests. If you guys know of a company that would like to donate an item I would appreciate it. We're looking for a variety of items - spa gift certificates, golfing, car detailing, restaurant certificates, football gear, etc...Of course the donations are tax deductible.

We're also looking for companies to sponsor us for $2000 a piece - they receive advertising, a table at the auction and 4 memberships. Currently we have 11 sponsors but in Eugene I think we should have way more. Does anyone know of a company that might be interested?

Ideas? Tips? Someone willing to donate $30,000 to make me look look amazing?

Thanks in advance!

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