Duck Out Of Water - An Editorial

I am a loving husband, an Oregon Duck and a Mechanical Engineer by education and profession. And though I have written professionally for a few web sites in the past, I never felt I was very good at it. Truth told, it is well over a year since I considered writing a weekly series of blogs about what it is like to be a Duck living in Columbus Ohio. The title of this blog probably makes a lot more sense now. I am truly the only Duck I know in the entire city which means finding a little place to call mine wherever I can find a little water.


When I finsihed colllege, I thought I would work at the same company my entire career. My father did, why not me? Things were looking good until 9/11, then all heck broke loose. My wife and I moved all over hell's half acre trying to find a place to call home for longer than 2 years. We have lived in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina and now Columbus Ohio. In all cases we were very close to major college football towns. In all cases, the fans were never as bad as they are here in Columbus.

I would blame it on the lack of other meaningful sports teams in the Ohio because, save for the Reds, there aren't any. But most of the towns we lived in were college towns with no pro teams in sight. So there goes that. I could go on and on with other reasons I have considered, I am an engineer it's what I do, but I won't bore you with it.

After three years of careful observation, I have come to the conclusion that the OSU fans are the most self entitled, chest thumping, arrogant buffoons I have ever had the displeasure of being around. Even worse than Duck fans! There, I said it.

The guilty parties are not normally graduates, rather, they are people who either attended another Ohio college or no college at all. Perhaps their vigor is driven by their desire to feel a part of something bigger, not uncommon among fans in sports. But there is something odd here. Ask them and they will tell you about what devout fans they are. Buckeye from birth till death. Or, until they loose.

Go out to breakfast or to church on a Sunday after a win and you are tripping over OSU fans. Let them loose, and you can literally watch them taking their swag off in the restaurant parking lots before they go in to eat dinner Saturday night. Seriously, I've seen it.?

Remember when we got beat by LSU? I made a point to where my colors for a week stright. Would you believe Buckeye fans had the never the give me crap about it? BTW Buckeye's, how did last year work out for you all? Karma, she is a bitch.

Any-who, should this become a regular thing, more football stuff next time. Promise. Till then, I am heading out to trip over Buckeye fans because they won today. And so did we. Won The Day!

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