12 Pac Review: It's Pronounced Heisman-TAH

Come on, it's fitting Ten was recorded in Seattle


1. Oregon 45 at WashingTEN 24 - Oregon's offense toys with people, but it should be the defense that gets a lot of credit for this win. Oregon forced UW to be one-dimensional and UW obliged. Mariota is special player, and he's going to be gone too quickly from Oregon, much like Chip Kelly. Watching him play with the Husky defense was awesome. Go ahead and book your trip to NY Marcus unless your knee gives out in Tucson.

2. WashingTEN - As much improved as the UW offense is the defense faced its first real test, and let's just say it's tough to hold back an Oregon onslaught when it is happening. If UW wants to continue to play the hurry up style of offense they are going to need to build depth on the defense.

3. Stanfraud 21 at Utah 27 - Why does Stanford do this to themselves every year. The worst part is, they'll fix their mistakes, and if they beat Oregon they'll still control their own destiny to the Pac 12 Championship. Shaw continues to find the right time to lose and that's what great coaches do.

4. Oregon State 52 at WSU 24 - Ok, so maybe they don't suck the way I thought they would, but I'm still waiting for the defense that figures out that OSU can't run the ball. Mike Riley has infected the minds of Pac 12 coaches because even they think he's still got some magical running offense that doesn't exist.

5. Washington State - Connor Halliday ladies and gentlemen. Connor Halliday.

6. Cal 10 at Ucla 37 - Cal's rebuilding job isn't really going the way many of them thought it would go. Sonny Dykes reminds me of one of those great coordinators that just isn't cut out to be a head coach. I'm sure Cal will give him plenty of time to try, but I don't see this ending well.


1. Ucla - Stanford and Oregon coming up in back to back weeks. Go ahead and ask UW how well that goes.

6a. ASU 54 vs Colorado 13 - ASU had no intention of taking Colorado lightly jumping out to a 25-0 lead in the first quarter. I'm still perplexed over this ASU team. That first half against Stanford was so bad and seeing what UW and Utah have done to them makes it look that much worse. Should be interesting to see what happens when they take on UW this weekend.

6b. Utah - Dennis Erickson after the big win.

6c. USC 38 vs Arizona 31 - Hey USC has a new coach and I'm sure everything is going to work out just great! The funny thing is this team could still win 10 games (no seriously, go look at their schedule) which gives me a ton of hope they'll hire Coach Orgeron full time.

6d. Arizona - Every Arizona fan watching BJ Denker pass. If OSU is one dimensional passing, Arizona is the exact opposite. Teams routinely just leave guys wide open for Denker to throw to because honestly there's a better not chance he's not going to hit him anyway.

6e. Colorado - The Buffaloes

Next Week's Games:
CSU at Colorado
Ucla at Stanford
Washingten at ASU
USC at Notre Dame
Utah at Arizona
WSU at Oregon
OSU at Cal

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