Mid-Year Review: 1000 Yard Receiver Fact or Fiction

Doug Pensinger

Back in August, we asked you if the Oregon Ducks would have a 1000 yard receiver during the 2013 season. Now that we are halfway through the season, let's take a look at those predictions to see how things are progressing.

We would be remiss in not including a link to the original article for reference. Let's go through some of the more interesting predictions on each side.


This is a run-first offense that is going to run over 60% of the time and, when it doesn't run, is going to spread the ball across all five receiving options on the field. - David Piper

To this point in the season, the offense is about as balanced as you can get. The Ducks have gained about 51% of their yards on the ground (1944) and 49% through the air (1839) through six games. While the Marcus Mariota does spread it around a bit, there is a clear separation between targets. Josh Huff and Bralon Addison have 27 catches apiece. Next in line is John Mundt at 10 and both Keanon Lowe and Daryle Hawkins at 9.

Though they'll have four receivers with 600 yards or more (DAT, Huff, Lyerla, and Hawkins). - Takimoto

Not sure we could have predicted Colt Lyerla's departure or De'Anthony Thomas' ankle injury. Hawkins didn't play against Colorado and has only 9 catches for 132 hards this year. Huff has been amazing and provided a Willis Reed style moment against Washington.

Even though I expect Helfrich to pass more than Chip Kelly, I doubt that a receiver will break 1000 yards receiving. - Rusty Ryan

Rusty definitely pegged it right with Helfrich wanting to throw more than Chip. Having a Heisman Trophy candidate will do that. Got this one right although the jury is still out on the 1000 yard prediction of course.

Oregon hasn't had a 1000 yard receiver since the departure of Jeff Maehl and I don't see it changing much this season. It's not because we don't have the talent out wide. Josh Huff is a dynamic threat and has proved to be a capable receiver. - Jake Tabor

This was a pretty common caveat amongst mods and community members alike. If there was anyone that could do it, Josh Huff was going to be the guy to do it.

While I too expect them to throw it more this year, Oregon simply spreads it around too much to have a 1000 yard receiver. Additionally, the Ducks figure to once again blow a lot of teams out, which means lots of running and backups in the game for second halves. - nds500

While backups are getting a lot of time in the second half, Josh Huff has been doing most of his damage in second quarter this year when the Ducks start to turn it on and put the game away. Huff has 10 catches for 210 yards during the second quarter of games including 4 catches of 25 yards or more. Once the fourth quarter hits, time for rest as Huff has registered just 2 catches for 25 yards all season.


We've gotten used to being a run-first team the last few years and all that changes in 2013. Look at the weapons Mariota has in the passing game. Huff, BJ, De'Anthony, Lyerla and that's just the front line. We're going to be throwing it all over the field and Huff is going to absolutely go wild, catching anything and everything headed his way. When the team needed a big play the last few years, it was LaMichael and Kenjon getting the rock. This year, it will be Huff where he makes his senior year push towards the NFL. - Dominic Vieira

Good call on Huff who has 27 catches for 552 yards on the season. He needs to average about 75 yards in the final 6 games of the regular season to make it to the 1000 yard mark. What I didn't see coming was B.J. Kelley's lack of production (and playing time) this season. In fact, he doesn't have much to measure up to this point.

Honorable Mention

While all the mods appear to have missed out on the emergence of Bralon Addison, there is one community member who seems to have correctly predicted our current situation.

Fiction. But I do think that Bralon Addison and Josh Huff will both top 750 receiving yards. - CaDuck

Current line on Bralon Addison: 27 catches for 502 yards. If both he and Huff meet their game averages the rest of the season, both will go over 1000 yards but with the eminent return of De'Anthony Thomas, CaDuck may end up with the closest prediction of them all.

With 6 games to go and a full review of where things stand, time for another poll question and perhaps a shot at redemption in your previous picks.

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