First off, I enjoy being a jackass in our discussions here online.

Second.. This isn't a jackass post.

I graduated from UO in 1997. During my year before attending the University of Oregon I attended Lane Community College. At that time for one year I lived in Springfield on Q Street. About halfway into that year I was mugged by a group of high schoolers looking for money to get alcohol.

They made off with only 21 dollars and I was not physically hurt, but that burning feeling I get in the pit of my stomach just thinking about it still pisses me off and makes me feel angry to this day.

Last night was a lot like that. In fact, I have had that feeling several times over the years with my beloved Ducks.

But before I get into why (which seems like it should be obvious) let me make a few not so bold statements.

We deserved to lose and we should have won anyway.

Stanford had a great game plan and deserved to win though they should have lost anyway.

Oregon was off on offense much of the night yet we were still able to drive the ball.

Oregon coaches made some bad decisions that cost us (like not going for the field goal and swinging the game a lengthy possession and TD.)

But after all that, that's just football and I don't have that feeling like I got mugged because the players were off or the coaches didn't make the best decisions.

I have felt this way many times during Oregon games and it usually looks something (EXACTLY) like this:



This is the only ref that everyone seems to know his name. He takes over games with his own agendas and calls them incredibly one sided, much as he did last night, and he does this regularly. He is the worst offender at this in the NCAA and makes Ron Cherry look like he is amazing at his job.

Last night, watching this game and screaming at the TV, I watched Stanford jump everyone off the ball over and over again before the center snapped and defenders running into the backfield being pulled backward (held) on every other play.

Oregon had some missed penalties, but also had some shitty calls called against them and was definitely the beneficiary of a jobbing, which this exact guy and his crew have done to us many times before.

So rather than just complain about him, for what seems like an unending eternity of complaints about just this guy (Jay Stricherz) and his crew, I want to know what can be done about this? How do we legitimately go about getting this guy fired? If I did my job like he does his job (one sided calling and completely ignoring holding and false starts by one team systematically and regularly, I would have been fired during training.

Again, how do we go about getting this guy fired? This needs to happen. So long as he and his crew are reffing in the Pac12 we will never be able to compete with conferences that do not have this guy in them.



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