Oregon Men's Basketball Media Session: Digital Ducks


Kazemi and Coach Altman were available today.

On being in control of their own destiny

"It's time to win a prize. You do all these things, you practice so hard, right now is just the time to get it done. We talk about this being championship time. we have a really good chance and we feel like we gave one away easy to Colorado when we played here and we're going to go and get it back." --Arsalan Kazemi

"They know the importance of it. The last couple weeks we have talked about it. Before that, we had to put ourselves in a position to do that, but the last couple weeks, we're in a race here. We're in a hunt So hopefully we can get it done. I'm excited for these guys, I'm excited to have a chance to win the league." --Dana Altman

What does Oregon need to do against Colorado?

"Get rebounds, at the end of the game we had some bad turnovers and we didn't get stops, that is what we need to do. The last six minutes of the game we didn't play very well, that's what we need to do against Colorado to put ourselves in a position to win." --Arsalan Kazemi

It'll be a tough game for us. You look at their numbers, unbelievable difference in the road and home stats so we are going to have to play a lot better than we did here [against Colorado]. We missed a lot of shots inside. We had some bad turnovers and we're going to have to play better all around." --Dana Altman

On his Oregon experience

It's been a great experience for me, I'm glad I get to experience Oregon and it's great fans. At the beginning I was stressed out because I didn't know what was going to happen with me and the waiver, but as time went by, Ththis place got more comfortable. I really like my team mates and coaches. If I had a chance to stay another year, I definitely would." -Arsalan Kazemi

On Dana Altman

"He's really a good coach and I enjoyed playing for him. I think he helped us actually win a couple games this year." -Arsalan Kazemi

On the health of Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis

"The young men and how they feel right now are the important things. I'm not going to take a chance with either one of them. They're freshmen and I hope they're going to be a big. big part of our program. The doctor's will tell me how much Artis can play and I will follow that very closely. If Dot's ready to go, he's ready to go." --Dana Altman

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