AT's NFL Draft Drinking Game, the official rules.

Tonight is the Draft. Exciting for football fans, but it's still people reading names of cards and other people hugging. If you need some to add some excitement, I present to you, AT's Official NFL Draft Drinking Game.

Please print out the rules for easy reference.

1. Every time some one refers to a player as "rising" or "falling" – 1 drink.

a. If this is anyone besides Mel Kiper take an additional drink

2. Phrases

a. 1 drink

i. "Upside"

ii. "Motor"

iii. "Football IQ"

iv. "Off the Field Issues" / "Character"

v. Physical Attributes, Combine Results, College Stats.

b. 2 drinks

i. "Loves to play football"

ii. "Pro Day"

c. 3 drinks

i. A University you’ve never heard of

ii. "Career Backup"

iii. "Best Player Available"

iv. "Drafting for need"

d. 5 drinks

i. "His immeasurable/intangibles are off the charts."

3. Mel Kiper shows up with a new hair cut – You have one hour to finish your case.

4. Jets or Eagles Fans boo their pick – 5 drinks.

5. If Chris Berman Gives a player a nick name – 2 drinks

a. Every time he repeats that nick name – 1 drink

b. If he comes up with an entirely new nickname for that player – 3 drinks

6. In an after-pick-interview the player commits a serious assault on the English language – 2 drinks.

7. If a team does not make its pick within the allotted time – 1 drink every minute until the team makes its pick.

8. 1 drink for each player invited to New York that does not get selected in the first round.

9. A player invited to New York does not put on the team’s hat on stage – 3 drinks.

a. If it is your team – finish your drink.

10. If you live in Canada and the draft is pre-empted midway through for a hockey game – finish your drink, finish one more, and flip to NFL network.

11. The Lions select a wide receiver with their first round – SHOTS!

12. Commercials

a. Any commercial featuring Peyton Manning – 1 drink (+1 for each additional Manning)

b. Some commercial about surviving the recession – 1 drink

c. A commercial about something "green" – 2 drinks

d. A fast food and healthy living commercial go back to back – 2 drinks

13. Trades -Any time a pick is traded – 2 drinks

a. If it is your team trading up – 4 more drinks.

b. If the pick is traded for a player on a current roster - 2 more drinks

c. The Patriots trade up - 6 drinks

14. Time outs – each player is awarded 3 time outs where they are exempted from drinking. This exemption lasts 1 pick

15. Sociables! – Pick number 1, pick number 32, Thanks Roger.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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