A Wolf's Guide to Watching Oregon Football

We’ve all been through many Oregon game days. Those game days involve a wide range of emotions, even when the outcome shouldn’t be in doubt. In light of ATQ’s fundraiser on behalf of my son, Wyatt ("Wolf"), I thought I would take you through a game day from his perspective. Enjoy!

It’s game day! Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this all week! Gonna eat some O-shaped pancakes, watch a few cartoons, then watch the game! So exciting! Go Ducks!


Hey Daddy, who are we playing today? Is it Stanford? I don’t know any bad words yet, but I know how I feel about them.


Is it the fuskies? Hahahahaha, this is how they play football!


The game’s about to start. I know the Ducks are really good, but I'm still kinda scared…


Here comes the kickoff. Look at DAT go! Touchdown!


Alright, here comes our defense. Look Daddy! We tackled that guy! Wait, did the man in the stripey shirt and the glasses just throw a yellow thing at us? Wut.


Yay, we have the ball back! That number 8 sure throws…what did you say, Daddy? A "pretty ball"? It’s not pretty. It’s handsome! Look! We got another touchdown!


Ohhh. The other team scored. Yucky!


Halftime. I’m hungry. Should I grab some graham crackers? I’m thirsty, too. Daddy, can I have some of your drink? What is Toe-Tall Momination? Is that like a drink for Mommy?


Daddy, who are those girls? Do they like to dance? Okay, I’ll go give Mommy a kiss.


Daddy, what does "field goal" mean? Why did you drink the rest of your drink? Is this man going to kick the ball? I have a bad feeling about this…


The ball went through the yellow things! Yay!


The game is almost done! We just need to tackle that guy one more time…we did it! Ducks win! Go Ducks!


I just want to say thanks again to everyone at ATQ who has worked hard and/or donated money this cause. Bless you all! A round of applause for ATQ!


Don’t forget to go bid on some great items! Go Ducks!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of SB Nation or the Addicted To Quack Moderators. FanPost opinions are valued expressions of opinion by passionate and knowledgeable Oregon fans.

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