The QuackPoll, Week 3

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The cream starts to rise to the top...

First, the poll...

Rank Team Points (out of 125)
1 Alabama (3) 123
2 Oregon (2) 121
3 Clemson 116
4 LSU 96
5 Ohio State 91
6 Florida State 89
7 UCLA 78
T-8 Stanford 76
T-8 Louisville 76
10 Georgia 74
11 Oklahoma State 73
12 Washington 72
13 Texas A&M 69
14 Miami 66
15 South Carolina 58
16 Michigan 50
17 Baylor 48
18 Northwestern 44
19 Oklahoma 38
20 Ole Miss 37
21 Texas Tech 36
T-22 UCF 21
T-22 Arizona State 21
24 Wisconsin 9
T-25 Georgia Tech 8
T-25 Arizona 8

Also receiving votes: Auburn (7), Florida (7), Notre Dame (5), Washington State (4), Maryland (3), Michigan State (1)

Here's what jumps out: teams are beginning to separate into tiers. Here's how I see it right now:

  • Tier 1 - Alabama, Oregon, Clemson
  • Tier 2 - LSU, Ohio State, Florida State
  • Tier 3 - UCLA through South Carolina
  • Tier 4 - Michigan through Texas Tech
  • Tier 5 - Everybody else.
And those tiers look about right. Dave and I are taking a "wait and see" approach with Stanford and Georgia, but I think they'll turn that top six up there into a top eight as the weeks progress.

Let's look at what's changed from last week's poll:
  • Bama's back - Alabama's win over Texas A&M pushes them past Oregon and back into the #1 spot. The Crimson Tide grabbed three #1 votes (Dave, Jake, Noah). Oregon took the other two.
  • Biggest drops - Wisconsin falls from #16 to #25 after their controversial loss at Arizona State, but the biggest faller this week was Michigan, dropping from #5 to #16 after nearly Clemsoning themselves against Akron.
  • Biggest riser - UCLA impressed the hell out of everybody with their 41-21 romp at Nebraska; the Bruins jump all the way from #19 to #7.
  • Biggest biases - Dave still hasn't ranked Stanford, Jake's the only one to rank Florida and Michigan State, I'm not ranking Georgia until they have more wins than losses, and Dom's the only one showing the Cougs some ranking love. And Noah? All 25 teams in his ballot are in the aggregate top 25. What a sheep.
  • Misc. Trivia - Georgia played the bye last week, and moved up a spot. Texas Tech beat TCU, gained five points, and fell from #20 to #21.
This is a college football poll, so it is inherently wrong. Be sure to tell us what we screwed up in the comments!

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