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So I understand this is an Oregon Ducks blog, but I felt this was too interesting to pass up.

There was an opening to a refurbished stadium on the side of a pond up north, and I thought it was a cute display of desperation.

Washington played #19 Boise State at the new puppy stadium, and I simply watched because I knew, no matter what, a team I disliked was going home sad. While I was watching, I noticed a few things, most notable was the new "revolutionary" offense that Washington was trotting out, against a pretty poor Boise State squad.

Then I noticed the brand new card system.

Then I noticed, Sark has gained a few pounds, and is now wearing a visor...

Maybe it's just me, but I just think it's funny that a team that the Huskies hate ever so much, is basically the blueprint in which they are trying to mold themselves into. Now, I know they will deny that the entire new look to their team is influenced by the Ducks, but when Gus Johnson says, "If this offense works...they should really think about building a statue of Chip Kelly outside the new stadium," that is all that needs to be said.

Next thing they'll coin the phrase, "Win every Day," or, "Quick, Tough, End," and trot out chrome helmets...oh wait they already did that.

Yes, I know that tons of teams are doing the hurry-up, chrome helmets, and Ole Miss shamelessly used "Win The Day," as a 'revolutionary' recruiting tool, which resulted in a great recruiting class for 2013, but this is the Huskies. This is the team that hasn't beaten Oregon in 9 years, yet still feels superior, and they need to take their biggest rivals MO in order to feel like they can compete? I thought the phrase, "If you can't beat em, join em," was pertinent but this is more like, "If you can't beat em, shamelessly make your team an exact carbon copy of them, paint them purple and call it 'ground breaking.'" Not to mention they have hired multiple Duck alums to be on their coaching staff now, as well. I mean really?

Also, this is quite ironic to me, that they would start using the hurry-up, because on their SB blog a few months ago, i saw them start pulling the ole SEC excuse, that the hurry-up/fast break offense is dangerous and that Oregon is ruining the quality of the college game...*Barf*

I mean, when I am getting my ass kicked over and over in sports, I don't think to myself, 'Hey, let's just do EXACTLY what they do, they won't notice, and adapt."

Well, I am done with my rant, but I just thought it was patently pathetic, that a team/fanbase that claims such superiority to the Ducks, would try to go Body Snatchers on Oregon, out of pure desperation rather than employ their own personality. You know like the Ducks did, after being a PAC-10 doormat, with few and far between glimmers of success. They turned it around and are now exactly what ~95% of D-1 programs wish they were, and guess who is part of that 95%, our best buddies, and nearly decade long punching bags: The Huskies.

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