Oregon Ducks Football: Moments That Matter: Patterson picks off Bruins' Momentum

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies. My computer has been having some serious issues over the last month or so. Anyway, here is this weeks moment, against UCLA.

This game was a little weird for me as it was the only one I did not view from the press box. I was standing room only and thanks to a good relationship with CMS (never thought I would say that about myself) I was able to stand on the ramp on the east end.

UCLA was in this game through much of the contest. They held the Ducks to 14 first half points and had 14 of their own. Deep into the third quarter, Oregon's miscues just kept piling up. The Ducks had two turnovers, turnovers on downs, blocked punts, missed field goals and a fired up physical defense had the Bruins in it.

Many remember this game for Jordan Zumwalt's physical play and questionable post whistle antics. The Bruins were confident heading into the third quarter; which they had dominated to that point in the season, 74-14. Oregon scored late in the quarter giving them a 21-14 lead and setting up this issues moment that matter.


Moment starts at 2:18

The Bruins were desperately looking for an answer as the Ducks had punched it in for a touchdown. Getting the ball to the Oregon 40, UCLA looked poised to jump right back into the game and make the see-saw go back the other way. UCLA lost three yards on 1st and 10 and then Lokombo came up with a big sack, putting the Bruins in an obvious passing down at the end of the third quarter. That was when this week's moment happened.

Hundley dropped back to pass and saw a man inside the 30 yard line. What he didn't see was Avery Patterson waiting for the pass, snagging the interception and returning it inside the Bruins 40 yard line. Less than two minutes later, Marcus Mariota found Bralon Addison in the end zone to push the Ducks' lead to 14 and open up the game as Oregon ran away in the fourth winning 42-14.


The Bruins had been pushing the Ducks around all day. UCLA's talented linebacking corps was stuffing the run and making life difficult on Marcus. De'Anthony Thomas was benched and the normally high flying Ducks were being stifled by the highest rated team they had played yet.

The interception wasn't a power play. The Ducks had tried punching back and hitting the Bruins right back in the mouth and it was not working.  Avery Patterson made a finesse play and put the Ducks in business and showed UCLA why they were the better team on the field that day. As strange as it seemed; with only a 7 point lead, Patterson's interception iced the game.

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