What Are The 10 Best Games You Could Re-watch From The Last 10 Years?

Harry How

With the offseason on the brink of turning into preseason projections, turning into Fall camp, turning into football season - Yay! - I ease my itch for Duck football by replaying games over the past years through my DVR.

Unfortunately, I had to come to the decision of deleting games, as space from the DVR was beginning to reach the max limit. While going through the list of games from Mike Belotti's days as the head coach, up to present day- I have watched a game at least four times - I couldn't bring myself to parting with the games that makeup Oregon lore.

I had 21 games. I trembled the list to 12. It was difficult.

The 12 games I decided to keep were very diverse. Only one game was from this past season and four was from Chip Kelly's first season. With ATQ's great idea of ranking the 20 best football players in the past 15 years, I decided to make a list out of the 12 I kept to the ten best games in the past ten years. Mainly these games are from my DVR so there are sure to be some I have left out. As a result, I would like to know your list of games you would re-live and whether you agree with the ten games I have kept.

I have ranked the list in terms of importance, how great the game would be for a neutral observer, how great the game was for an Oregon fan, and what game is most likely to be deleted in favor for those in the future.

10. USC vs Oregon 2009 - Halloween night. Oregon firing on all cylinders after the horrible night in Boise. USC's loss to UW earlier meant that this was Oregon's chance to fully dethrone the Trojans as the new kingpin on the west coast. 613 Yards and 47 point later, Oregon is the new kingpin on the west coast.

9. Oklahoma vs Oregon 2006 - The game would be higher if the onside kick was truly recovered by Oregon but I don't care, the fact that me and my best friend were watching this game together and he was telling me we had no shot at coming back makes it that better. Dennis Dixon making the "O" with his hands puts icing on the cake. Also Adrian Peterson is really good. I mean really good.

8. Oregon vs USC 2012 - In my opinion this is the best game Chip Kelly has ever called. Everything was working offensively. The Trojans were scoring too which made for a fun game to watch as Marquise Lee was fantastic. Revenge never tasted so good.

7. Oregon vs Oklahoma St 2008 Holiday Bowl - As it turned out to be Belotti's last game, I don't think I can ever get rid of this game. Jeremiah Masoli was phenomenal and Jasion Williams was actually catching the ball. LeGarrette Blount jumping over defenders and Masoli running through defenders sends Belotti out as a winner, although if Dez Bryant never got hurt I don't think we pull this out.

6. Oregon vs USC 2010 - This game for me cemented the fact that Oregon would be playing for the national championship. Darron Thomas and Jeff Mahel were amazing. I still get chills over the play when Oregon is near its own end of the end zone with less than a minute in the second quarter and Brent and Kirk can't believe were going for more points. I miss Chip.

5. Oregon vs Ohio St 2009 Rose Bowl - Never have I been more nervous, more happy, and more thankful as a loyal fan to finally see Oregon in the Rose Bowl. It doesn't matter that I had to wear a Terrell Pryor, I mean a #2 Ohio St jersey, to class the next day.

4.Oregon vs Arizona 2009 - College Gameday going to Arizona for the first time put real pressure on the Ducks as they went from being the hunter, to the hunted, all in the same year. I really didn't think we were going to win this game. Fans were on the verge of storming the field. Suptwitugirl would forever be mocked. Then Masoli to Dickson happened. Huge save by Nate Costa sends it to overtime. Tons of drama. I could re-watch this game all day. Payback for Dennis Dixon's knees.

3 Oregon vs Oregon St 2009 - War of the Roses. Civil War in a primetime slot for the nation to see the Ducks and Beavers. Rose Bowl on the line. No way this game could could ever be deleted. I SMELL ROOOOOSES!!!

2. Oregon vs Auburn 2010 National Championship Game - Its the National Championship Game. The natty. Oregon in the National Championship Game. The finish was cruel and stupid but whatever. The Oregon Ducks played in a national championship game.

1. Oregon vs Wisconsin 2012 Rose Bowl - We won the Rose Bowl. No more talk about Oregon not representing the Pac 12 poorly out of conference. No more talk from rivals about our inability to win a Rose Bowl. Great game from great players from both teams. LaMichael James, Kenjon Barner, De'Anthony Thomas, Darron Thomas, Lavasier Tuinei, Michael Clay, Kiko Alonso, thank you for the Rose Bowl win.

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