Keith Lewis highlights

Upset over losing out on Trey & Juju? Here's something hopefully cathartic, Ducks legendary safety Keith Lewis blocking punts and $%*@ing people up.

The Best Zone Blocking Analysis on the Web

For both coaches and fans—this article has been a reference source for learning about how offensive linemen do Zone Blocking and how coaches teach them the techniques. A fantastic primer for how Coach Greatwood prepares the OL for doing battle, and it shows us what to look for in the games. Enjoy!

Steven Moore interview (cornerback 2000-2003)

My newest video is out...another interview clip I made when I was still with Campus Attic, this time around it is versatile cornerback Steven Moore (2000-2003), perhaps best known for his punt return for a touchdown in the 2003 Michigan game. Enjoy, and Go Ducks!

Basketball Analysis: Oregon’s Pick & Roll

While a ton of basketball fans know about the Pick’n Roll play, it is fun to see Lawrence present the Oregon version of it.

Normal Gate a.k.a. "Nookie Gate"

The third oldest thing on the University of Oregon campus today -- Normal Gate. Built in 1885 as a tribute to the closing of the Normal School at the UO, it was buried for decades and long-forgotten, until 2004 when it was excavated and restored back to its original condition, where it still stands today back at its original location.

Michael McClellan Highlights

This one's a major blast from the past...anybody who remembers the 1990 Freedom Bowl knows the little receiver who broke multiple records that night, yet came up an inch short at the end to win it. Michael McClellan. Despite missing half of 1990 due to knee surgery, he still finished second on the team in receptions that year, and was one of the top returners in the country. Enjoy. GO DUCKS!

How the Oregon Offense ran through the NFL in 2013

Wow. Coach Flinn just provided another outstanding analysis of the Oregon/Eagle Offense! While it may look longer than others, do start reading. It moves quickly, and the fan (like me) learns a great new concept that we see in action at Oregon AND at Philadelphia. Another landmark analysis for the Tutorials!

Denny Schuler Interview - Oregon Ducks WR 1966-68, Defensive Coordinator 1986-92

My first post-Campus Attic video, complete format change, but same awesome insider stories from Oregon's past. This one is with Denny Schuler, Oregon WR 1965-68, who returned to Oregon in 1986 as defensive coordinator.

Lacorey Collins interview: Top-Rated Recruit Fights Expectations and Playing Time (1996-2000)

Video interview with LaCorey Collins, #1 recruit in the country in 1996, Oregon WR/TE 1996-2000.

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