MARSHAUN TUCKER: Catching Up With One Of Oregon's Best Pass-Catchers

Video interview with Marshaun Tucker University of Oregon Ducks wide receiver (1999-2000), reflecting on his favorite plays and games in the early days of the Joey Harrington era, when Oregon was first establishing itself as a national brand.

Oregon Devises an Inside Zone Read "Counter" Play!

Finally! Many of us have wondered for years if we would see the Counter play back in the Oregon arsenal, and on Saturday we got to view it in action. Read over there, but discuss here and I would be interested in what some of you think of the play, it’s potential, and how often we’ll see it. Fun stuff.

Josh Wilcox (1992-96): Overcoming Expectations of a Name

New video interview with Josh Wilcox, University of Oregon Ducks tight end in the 1990s, who overcome massive expectations of following his dad and uncle at their alma mater (his dad Dave Wilcox is in the NFL Hall of Fame) to make a name for himself as one of the greatest players in UO football history...Then a NFL player, pro wrestler, and radio host. Quite a career, hear about it in his own words.

Myths of a Stanford Victory

What would I have done with the DVR recording prior to two years ago? I would have deleted that game immediately or not watched it again for 8-9 months. Things are different now and I had to spend a bunch of time over the weekend slugging through the game to look for things other media sources are not reporting. What struck me instead were some common narratives showing up on Oregon message boards that my examination of the game did NOT confirm. Parts of my interpretation were just confirmed in an Oregon News Conference yesterday, but it took four days (while I was writing about it) for that to materialize.

Analyzing Stanford: What to Watch for as a Fan

Here are some points to watch for as fans that are not difficult for us to see. Read over there and discuss here; do you have any major points to add that the major media has missed?

Rory Dairy Interview (Oregon safety 1986-1990)

Would you believe that the University of Oregon's changing uniforms trend, which has changed modern sports as we know it, began with a single pair of old hand-me-down black cleats? And Nike had zero to do with it... Rory Dairy (Oregon Ducks safety 1986-1990) tells the full behind-the-scenes story, and much more.

Brent haberly interview

From lifelong Oregon fan to local walk-on to full-time starter, Brent Haberly (Oregon LB 2002-2006) has quite a story to tell.

Oregon’s Superior Defensive Techniques School the Bruins

What is the best way to learn pass rushing moves? Watch our beloved Ducks do them and learn the techniques as I did! It is great fun to see the growth of our defensive linemen who learned these moves from Jerry Azzinaro (now with the Eagles) and current defensive line coach Ron Aiken. We’ll see these moves again!

Bama. Who wants 'em?

If we get there, who would you rather play, Bama or FSU?

Idaho Vandals vs. Oregon Ducks 1947

Kicking games about the same... I think the coverage team was better at Hayward.

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