Learning technique of WR blocking has been an interest of mine, and Coach Steier gave us a great primer in how to do it—from Oregon examples. I am always curious as to the terms that coaches use to describe something, and do other coaches use different descriptions to detail downfield receiver blocking?

Top NFL Draft RB Prospects

De'Anthony Thomas makes Saturday Sports SECtion's list of the top running back prospects in this yrs draft. Also, shoot Saturday Sports Section a follow on twitter @SaturdaySection


This analysis is why I love having guest coaches’ present articles—because I learn a ton from them. As over there and come back here to discuss, and I’d be interested in what others think about other methods of stopping the Stanford Power Game.

How Spread Offense Coaches use Trap Plays: Should Oregon?

Coach Levi Steier of Albany New York gives us two examples of Trap plays that I believe could work well within the Oregon Offense, especially with the running talents of Duck QBs. It’s interesting to ponder the possibilities….

The Oregon Passing Game in the NFL

Coach Flinn came through with a superb article about how the Chip Kelly Passing Game worked at Oregon and now the application of it in the Eagle’s attack. Enjoy.

I ummm actually agree with Clownzano here....I feel dirty just saying that.

Is Helfrich ever going to be an intimidating "edge" guy. Does he have to be? Curious to hear counter arguments.

Shutting down the Spread with the 4-3 Defense?

Coach Peterson gives us an interesting explanation of how the 4-3 can be used successfully against the Spread Offense such as Oregon’s. With all the Spread teams in the conference….should we be looking at it? Are we going to use it occasionally as we did in the Alamo Bowl? Read over there and discuss here as usual—but I am interested in feedback.

Oregon Basketball Analysis: Strategy at the Free Throw Line

For those who do not know…we have been running Oregon basketball analysis this season, and I’ll tell you that I personally learned a lot from this one!

Packaged Plays in the Chip Kelly Offense

It’s "Back to the Future" with Oregon as we can study our former coach to give us hints as to where the Oregon Offense is headed. Coach Brian Flinn is right there in Philly to give us an analysis of a series of packaged plays that Chip ran this season. See if you recognize any!

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