Basketball Analysis: Oregon’s Pick & Roll

While a ton of basketball fans know about the Pick’n Roll play, it is fun to see Lawrence present the Oregon version of it.

How the Oregon Offense ran through the NFL in 2013

Wow. Coach Flinn just provided another outstanding analysis of the Oregon/Eagle Offense! While it may look longer than others, do start reading. It moves quickly, and the fan (like me) learns a great new concept that we see in action at Oregon AND at Philadelphia. Another landmark analysis for the Tutorials!

Oregon Basketball Analysis: These Screens will set you Free!

OK…I admit that I did not know there were this many types of screens, and this is why I have someone doing a half dozen basketball analyses for us over the rest of the season. We will alternate basketball with football analyses over the Tuesdays now for two months, and it is fun for some of us novices (like me) to the sport to learn new things to help enjoy the games that much more.

Taylor Hart’s MONSTER Two-Gap Alamo Bowl

For many of us fans, it can’t get much more fun than learning a little about defense while being entertained watching the highlights of one of our beloved Ducks. Taylor Hart had a big game in the Alamo Bowl, and it is amazing to see HOW he does it! As always, read/watch it over there and discuss here, and if any of you coaches out there have more to add—that would be fun to learn from as well.

De'Anthony Thomas will enter the NFL Draft

Well most of us figured (Especially after the injury) this was the case but now it's official. Even though his last two seasons didn't quite have the "WOW" his Freshman season did, he is still one of the most exciting players every to wear Green and Yellow (and black, and slate, and white, and pink) and will be missed! Good Luck DAT! And I hope you find a coach in the NFL that will know how to use your explosive talents effectively!

FishDuck Post-Bowl Commentary

It takes a full day at least to create an analysis, thus the first one is next week. (Not enough time after the end of the bowl) However I do have some commentary about the game, and would like feedback. It IS the first time I’ve written some negative about the Ducks……

The Best Damn Texas Analysis Out There

I have a lot of plays and players to show and I think everyone will learn something as I did about Texas beyond the usual stats of other analysis by other media. This is the most GIFs I’ve done in an analysis before, and it makes it more fun. Texas fans are welcome to offer additional information as well.

Oregon Ducks Pom Poms 1

For The Cheerleaders! LET'S GO DUCKS!!

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