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Kübler, Meet Ross


I am still crippled with depression over the MNC. So this is my attempt at catharsis; if you've moved on and/or can't bear to look at or read another word about the game, then feel free to lash me...



For those of you unfamiliar with the term, ennui is a French word for sausage made with pork and wine. I’d try some if you haven’t. It’s pretty damn good. Anyway on an unrelated note I’m still...

National Championship: What Most People Believe But Are Afraid To Say


It's funny that a Longhorn hater like Skip Bayless is really the only talking head that gets what the ostensibly harmless option play on 1st and 10 from the Bama 11 on Texas' opening drive meant to...

Postgame by Debbie Downer


We deserved to lose and here is why. Let's say you're a baseball team on the cusp of your first World Series in 80 years. You blow game 6 because your crippled first baseman let a ball get by in...

Hey Fate – F*ck you!


Wow. Fate sure swooped in and pulled the rug out from under Texas last night. Well, fate coupled with a few bad decisions, some instances of poor execution and a history of whistling past the...

The BCS Championship open thread


It's on. PASADENA, Calif. -- Neither Alabama or Texas has taken the field, but that should be starting in a few minutes. The biggest ovation of the night took place a couple of minutes ago when a...

MNC - Some Objective Comparisons


I don't have the time to adorn this nerd porn with flowery prose. So, I'll just jump right in... I've compared the Texas offense/defense versus the Alabama offense/defense in terms of differential...

Why Texas Stomps a Mudhole in Alabama


For the third consecutive game in a row, the collective Texas fanbase has wrung its hands and bawled all over itself in anticipation of a dangerous matchup against a worthy opponent. In this...

Texas-Alabama: Faith, Defense, and Phlogiston


I haven't been writing much because I've been slammed with work, recharging my battery while visiting family and friends in Austin, gaining so much sodium bloating from festive seasonal eating that...

Texas vs Alabama: An Historical Perspective


For Longhorn fans the history is short but sweet: Texas holds an all time record of 7-0-1 against Alabama. It's been 28 years since the Horns and the Crimson Tide played, and of course they will...

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