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Quack Fix: Costa's career comes to unfortunate end, James a Maxwell Award semifinalist


ATQ's Morning Quack Fix: A daily summary of the latest news about the Oregon Ducks from around the Internets.

UW president asks Woodward to personally apologize to Oregon officials | Seattle Times Newspaper


Does smugness translate well on the Internet? If you sense my smug satisfaction, then I guess it does. Wonder if the same thing would have happened if Mark Emmert was president? Regardless, kudos to an interim president for having the backbone to stand up to her athletics director.

Scott Woodward's Oregon Statement An Embarrassment To UW


When Scott Woodward opened his mouth to rip the Oregon Ducks last Saturday, he embarrassed himself and his university. We look at his apology, clarification and his original statement to see why.

Audio: Scott Woodward Calls University Of Oregon An Embarrassment


University of Washington Athletic Director Scott Woodward spent Saturday ripping the Oregon Ducks and the University, calling it "an embarrassment." He later attempted to apologize and clarify his...

You Stay Classy, Scott Woodward: UW AD Calls Oregon 'An Embarrassment'


During a radio show interview before the game between Washington and Oregon on Saturday, UW Athletics Director Scott Woodward had some harsh -- dare we say, inappropriate? -- words for the Ducks....

Who are YOUR villains?


CougCenter takes a stab at Ted Miller's "villains" piece. Here's a hint: He's got it all wrong ...

Countering Woodward's Apple Cup at Qwest 'proposal' with an actual solution


Tired of UW Athletics Director Scott Woodward's empty rhetoric surrounding the Apple Cup at Qwest Field? Here's a perfectly workable solution that Huskies ought to be able to get behind.

Woodward: Still simmering over WSU


UW AD Scott Woodward's rhetoric has gotten tiresome, not to mention the fact that it's counterproductive.

S-R: Sterk responds to Woodward's comments


I'll give you one guess how Sterk responded. Here's a little taste to whet your whistle before clicking on the link: "It was so inappropriate that I laughed, basically," Sterk said. "I could not believe those comments were coming from him. One, to me as athletic director but then, two, to the president of the university." It gets better. Do yourself a favor and click on the link.

Unfortunately, we have entered a new era in the UW-WSU rivalry


The rivalry between UW and WSU has ratcheted up a notch, thanks in no small part to some classless comments by UW athletics director Scott Woodward.

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