The Week 8 QuackPoll Just Gives the Hell Up

That's the guy that's gonna take Marcus Mariota's Heisman trophy. Just sayin'. - Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports


Someone email me if you see Jake or Dom. I fear they have taken a look at the landscape of college football, and wandered into the woods out of sheer befuddlement. They're very scared, so be cautious.

Rank Team Points (75 max) Change
1 Florida State (2) 73 +3
2 Alabama (1) 72 0
3 Oregon 71 -2
T-4 Baylor 63 +7
T-4 Missouri 63 +11
T-4 Ohio State 63 +1
7 Stanford 54 +6
8 Miami 51 +2
T-9 Auburn 50 +17
T-9 Texas Tech 50 +5
11 Clemson 48 -8
12 UCLA 43 -5
13 Central Florida 37 N/A
14 Virginia Tech 36 +3
15 LSU 31 -9
16 Northern Illinois 23 +7
17 Fresno State 22 +2
T-18 Oklahoma 21 +3
T-18 Wisconsin 21 +6
20 Louisville 19 -11
21 Oregon State 14 +6
22 Oklahoma State 12 -2
23 Nebraska 11 +3
24 Arizona State 10 +2
T-25 South Carolina 6 -13
T-25 Texas A&M 6 -17

Also receiving votes: Texas (3), Ole Miss (2)

Holy balls.

I'm chalking some of this madness up to there being two ballots missing. But at the same time, EIGHT teams ranked in last week's poll (Clemson, UCLA, South Carolina, TAMU, Georgia, Washington, Florida, and Utah) lost their Week 8 games.

The most significant change? Oregon's lackluster performance (38 points? Come on defense, what the hell?) combined with Florida State's dominant win over Clemson bumps the Seminoles to #1, and drops the Ducks to #3. And we've got a three-way tie for the #4 spot! Noah, Dave and I all have Baylor, Mizzou, and Ohio State in the 4-5-6 spots, but all in different orders:

  • Dave: Ohio State-Missouri-Baylor
  • Noah: Missouri-Baylor-Ohio State
  • Tako: Baylor-Ohio State-Missouri
Other big moves:
  • I've been looking for an excuse to not rank South Carolina and Texas A&M, the two most overrated teams in college football. And on Saturday, they gave that to me, with the Gamecocks loss to Tennessee and the Aggies' home loss to Auburn. Many national pollsters (and Dave) still have South Carolina ranked, even though their best win is probably a 3 point win @UCF, and who beat Kentucky by 7 at home. They aren't one of the three best teams in the SEC East, let alone one of the Top 25 in the country.
  • I think we were all just thanking UCF for beating Louisville with that #13 ranking.
  • Texas Tech will see a big jump in its ranking if it goes to Norman and beats Oklahoma this week. They're easily the least respected of all the remaining undefeated teams.

The bias list for the week:

Loves Hates
Dave Auburn (#7) Louisville (#25)
Noah Oklahoma St (#15) LSU (#19)
Tako Miami (#7) South Carolina and Texas A&M (unranked)
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