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Quack Fix 10-28-21: BEAT THE BUFFS!

and Sco Ducks!

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Quack Fix 10-27-21: Farewell, Kingsley

So long, Suamataia

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Week Seven NFL Pro-Ducks Round Up

If the NFL played Sunday but Justin Herbert had a BYE, does it really matter?

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Duck Tape: Film Review of Week 8, 2021 vs UCLA

No better way to steal money than free enterprise

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Confirmation Bias - Advanced Stats & Such Cal 2021

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Quack Fix 10-14-21: Time for the Ducks to go Bear Hunting

Quack Quack!

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Quack Fix 10-25-21: 6-1 Ain’t So Bad

Sco Ducks!

Dye and Thibodeaux Shine in Win Over UCLA, Ducks 34 - Bruins 31

Go Ducks!

Second Half Thread: Dye Helps Cut Into Lead at UCLA, Bruins 17 - Ducks 14

Let’s takeoff in the second half!

No. 10 Oregon Ducks @ UCLA Bruins


College Game Day Open Thread

Wow, looks like a good day to get caught up on that long-neglected yard work

College GameDay Thread

Corso better choose the Duck head...

Ducks targeting DeSean Brown on recruiting trail

The elite edge-rusher has yet to visit Eugene.

2021 Cristobal Predictions: Week 8 PAC-12 Picks and Schedule

A big week in the PAC!

Will They, Won’t They: UCLA Edition

3 Reasons Why the Ducks Will or Won’t Beat the Bruins

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Duck Tape: Film Analysis of UCLA 2021

A preview of Oregon’s week 8 opponent in Pasadena

Quack Fix 10-22-21: Dante Just Around the Corner

Can’t wait to see the big man in action!

D.U.C.K. in the U.S.A.

A weekly round-up of what they’re saying about YOUR Oregon Ducks across the nation

Quack Fix 10-21-21 That’s Our Duarte!

Another Duck looking good in the pros!

Quack Fix 10-20-21: We Need More Devon Williams

Week Six NFL Pro-Ducks Round Up

Twas not a good week to be a Pro Duck

Duck Tape: Film Review of Week 7, 2021 vs California

Stay out of trouble

Quack Fix 10-19-21: Beat the Bruins!

Sco Ducks!

Week Six Oregon Ducks Report Card

At least it wasn’t a loss

Quack Fix 10-18-21: By the Skin of Our Bill

Why is every game in 2021 a close one?

Oregon Ducks Recruiting

Oregon Ducks Football

College Game Day Open Thread

Are YOU ready for some foooobawwwwwww?

Dye Saves the Day, Ducks 24 - Golden Bears 17

Another nail-biter for the Oregon Ducks!

Second Half Thread: Another Slow Start for Oregon, Ducks 10 - Golden Bears 7

Let’s hope the second half is a better showing from the Oregon O!

Game Thread: No. 9 Oregon Ducks vs. California Golden Bears

Sco Ducks!

Quack Fix: Late to the Party!

What’d we miss?

Duck Tape: Film Analysis of California 2021

A preview of Oregon’s week 7 opponent in Autzen

2021 Cristobal Predictions: Week 7 PAC-12 Picks and Schedule

Where to watch and who to bet on in the PAC-12

ATQ & A with Write For California

Man, that mascot still scares the Hell out of me!

Will They, Won’t They: Cal Edition

3 Reasons Why the Ducks Will or Won’t beat the Golden Bears

D.U.C.K. in the U.S.A.

We closed— you come back next week.

Quack Fix 10-13-21: How Stacked at Running Back?

Quack Quack