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Quack Fix 10-15-18: Did ya hear? The Ducks beat the huskies!

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Men’s Basketball Investigation: What we know so far.

We’ve seen the headlines and heard the rumors. So what does it all mean?

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Most Improbable Finish To A Football Game, Ducks 30 - Huskies 27

One for the ages!

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Second Half Game Thread: Ducks 17 - huskies 17

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Game Thread: Oregon Ducks vs washington huskies

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The Latest

Jared Casey, 2019 4* Linebacker, Commits to Ducks

Another Linequacker!

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Bottom 11: Starting Quarterbacks Edition (AKA an excuse to mock Jake Browning)

Emergency Quack Fix 10/12/2018

7 Questions, Fuskies Edition

Duck Tape: Film Analysis of Washington

A preview of Oregon’s week 7 opponent in Autzen

Know Thy Enemy: Washington Huskies

Quack Fix 10-11-18: More Basketball Preview

Ducks Making a Splash in the NFL: Week 5


Quack Fix 10-10-18: Basketball Preview

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Confirmation Bias - Advanced Stats & Such, Uw 2018

Quack 12 Podcast: Oregon vs washington Preview! With Hythloday and Gabey Lucas of Dawg Pound!

This is a good episode!!!

Quack Fix 10-9-18: Lessons Learned?

washington Hate Week Poetry Corner!

Let us wax poetically about our hate for the huskies!

Quack Fix 10-8-18: HIHwW II

Men’s Basketball Schedule Breakdown

The full schedule is here, let’s dive right in!

Quack Fix 10-6-2018: Preparing for Bye

Quack Fix 10-5-18: No Football News?

Know Thy Self: Oregon Ducks Midseason Review

Oregon Ducks Recruiting

Oregon Ducks Football

Quack Fix 10-4-18: Preparing for Uw

Ducks Making a Splash in the NFL: Week 4

Kiko’s legend continues

Quack 12 Podcast: Cal Falls to Ducks and Hate Week Comes Early!

Quack Fix 10-3-18: Good Injury News

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All Decade (2010-18) Oregon Team - Offense

Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Film review of week 5 at California

A mostly satisfying performance, but a tough choice coming with the linebackers

Quack Fix 10-2-18: Player of the Week

Bottom 11: Turnover Edition

Who’s second best at stealing the ball from opposing offenses?

Quack Fix 10-1-18: Welcome to HIHwW

Oregon Bounces Back with Berkeley Beatdown, Ducks 42- Golden Bears 24

No better way to enter the bye week than with a win.

Second Half Game Thread: Oregon Ducks 28 - California Golden Bears 10

Game Thread: Oregon Ducks at California Golden Bears

Sco Ducks!