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Quack Fix 11-29-21: The Silly Season Begins

Let’s hope Riley is over-rated!

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Quack Fix 11-28-21: 10 Wins Ain’t Nothin to Sneeze At!

Sco Ducks!

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Oregon Wins the Platty and the PAC-12 North! Ducks 38 - Beavers 29

Now for some revenge against the Utes!

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Second Half Thread: Oregon Outplays Oregon State Early, 24-3 at the Half

Sco Ducks!

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Game Thread: No. 11 Oregon Ducks vs Oregon State Beavers

Win the Platty!

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2021 Cristobal Predictions: Week 13 PAC-12 Picks and Schedule

Let’s pick apart the PAC!

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Happy Thanksgiving! From Your Friends at ATQ!

Now go eat some turkey!

Men’s Basketball is back to Square One

The Ducks suffered yet another blowout thanks to a second straight dud of a first half.

Game Thread: Oregon Ducks vs No. 12 Houston Cougars

Time for a matchup against last season’s champs!

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FanPost: Confirmation Bias - Advanced Stats & Such Oregon State 2021

Quack Fix 11-24-21: Defend Autzen!

Don’t let those tree rats ruin it!

Will the real Oregon Men’s Basketball please stand up?

A day after a dominating bounce-back performance, Oregon again finds itself dismantled.

Game Thread: Oregon Ducks vs Saint Mary's Gaels

Sco Ducks!

Week Eleven NFL Pro-Ducks Round Up

The Legend Grows

Duck Tape: Film Review of Week 12, 2021 vs Utah

Spare parts for 25 years

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Quack Fix 11-23-21: We HAVE to Beat the Beavers!

Pretty please?

Ducks Use Strong Second Half to Crush Chaminade

Defensive Pressure, Advantage in Paint Drive Oregon Win

Game Thread: No. 12 Oregon Ducks vs Chaminade Silverswords


Oregon Can't Keep Up in Paradise, Bulls 71 - Ducks 62

Fly back home Ducks to fight another day.

Game Thread: No. 9 Oregon Ducks vs No. 23 South Florida Bulls

Go Ducks!

Quack Fix 11-22-21: Welp, That Sucked!

Hope it doesn’t happen again this Saturday.

South Carolina Shows Oregon Why They’re No. 1, Gamecocks 80 - Ducks 63

Tough loss, but strong showing from the injured Ducks!

Game Thread: No. 9 Oregon Ducks vs No. 1 South Carolina Gamecocks

Go Ducks

Week Eleven Oregon Ducks Report Card

In the biggest conference game of the season, Oregon craps the bed

Oregon’s Playoff Dreams Die in Salt Lake City, Utes 38 - Ducks 7

Couldn’t have gone much worse than that...

Second Half Thread: Utah Humiliates Oregon, Leads 28-0

Has to be better in the second half, right?

Sabally Saves the Day Against Sooners, Ducks Win 98-93

Great team win!

Game Thread: No. 3 Oregon Ducks @ No. 23 Utah Utes

Sco Ducks!

Game Thread: No. 9 Oregon Ducks @ Oklahoma Sooners

Sco Ducks!

College Game Day Open Thread

Savor the penultimate (GASP!) weekend of regular season college fooobawwwwww

2021 Cristobal Predictions: Week 12 PAC-12 Picks and Schedule

Let’s pick apart the PAC!

Will They, Won’t They: Utes Edition

3 Reasons Why the Ducks Will or Won’t Beat Utah

Quack Fix 11-19-21: Playoffs? Playoffs?


Duck Tape: Film Analysis of Utah 2021

A preview of Oregon’s week 12 opponent in Salt Lake City

Quack Fix 11-18-21: Big Game Cristobal

Time to earn that undersized paycheck!

Quack Fix 11-17-21: Back Off, Buckeyes!

No, 3 is ours!

Ducks Get Mauled by Cougars 81-49

Truly a Performance to Forget

Game Thread: No. 12 Oregon Ducks vs BYU Cougars

Sco Ducks!