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Oregon vs. UCLA: The Condensed Preview

I'm just running out of time for posting tonight, as I have a work function to attend, so you will get the "condensed" version of the game preview from me today.

On offense, I think that the Ducks are going to feel like they have a lot to prove.  I realize that UCLA's defense has played very well this year, but I just don't think that they have really proven anything with that schedule.  If you remember, everyone was touting ASU's defense before that game, and they just got shredded.  I think that the UCLA defensive line will get some pressure on Dixon, actually leading to him getting (gasp) sacked once or twice this game.  However, I think that Stewart comes up big with another 100+ yard game.  The Bruins also do not have a cover corner anywhere near as good as Daymeion Hughes.  Look for J-Will to have a big day as well.  Ducks put up 35 on the Bruins.

On defense, Chris Markey is going to have his way with the Ducks.  I mean, just a monster game.  I'm talking 150+ easy.  Although Cowan has very little experience, the Duck defense is so thin that I think he will have a decent game.  However, I see Cowan having a turnover or two and that maybe being the difference in the game.

The game is close throughout, but the Ducks break the tie on a slant to J-Will with about three minutes to go.