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Tim Brandt: Idiot or Tool?

Update [2006-10-16 0:32:51 by Dave]: After two days of voting, 73% of voters agree that Brandt is indeed an idiot. Thanks to the 70 voters who voted.
Great win!  Nice way to bounce back from a rough game at Cal.  The offense looked okay, but the defense was just great.  Especially that defensive line.  They really needed to step up, and met the challenge.  We'll break down the game tomorrow, but first, I want to talk about another subject:


And Tim Brandt might just be the most incompetent fool around.  I know that Karl Dorrell looked foolish with his "questionable" playcalling at the end of the game, but even he makes Tim Brandt look like a freakin genius.  He's always looking for controversy somewhere...but can somebody tell me why he was calling for the ball to be spotted where Stewart's knee was? Now, I don't know whether it should have been a first down or not (and I know for a fact that Tim Brandt doesn't know whether it should have been or not), and yet Brandt is just yapping away showing that he knows absolutely nothing.  And this isn't the first time.  He also made a fool of himself in the ASU game yapping about the field goal that the Ducks got at the end of the half.  If I really wanted to go over the tapes of the games, I know that I could find more of his incompetence.  I just don't understand how this guy actually keeps his job.

It was a good victory, and I don't want this moron to overshadow it.  But the downside of having ABC games all year has been that we have had to listen to this intolerable moron for four games now.  And every game, I have just sat there in jaw dropping amazement about just how much of a fool he appears to be.

Be sure to vote in the poll regarding the subject.

Anyway, I'm gonna spend the rest of the evening celebrating a great victory!  Oh, and the Huskies lost to the Beavers, I can't help but laugh about that as well.