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Oregon/UCLA Positional Breakdown

Here is a positional breakdown for the Oregon/UCLA game:

Dennis Dixon rebounded very nicely from the Cal game. He looked very crisp in the first quarter, leading the Ducks to three touchdowns. He looked sharp on his passes and very good with his decision making. Unfortunately, his dropped off a bit in the second half, but still looked very solid overall. And he answered some questions about his toughness--took a big hit and finished the game. Nice job by Dennis. Grade: B

Running Backs
Like Dixon, Stewart rebounded very nicely, and Bellotti made sure that Jeremiah Johnson got some reps as well. Both made very good moves, and Stewart was a monster breaking tackles. Snoop looked as healthy as he has in a while, which is a very good sign. I thought that both backs played very well, and ate the "vaunted" UCLA rush defense for lunch. 250 yards rushing speaks for itself. Grade: A

Wide Receivers
Paysinger looked really good. He was consistently open and made some huge catches. The rest of the receiving corps was so-so. J-Will was unspectacular, and Kent was called on a very bad block in the back. The unit played okay, but should've done more. Grade: B-

Offensive Line
They allowed some pressure on Dixon, but most of the time just dominated the UCLA defensive line and opened up big holes for Jonathan and Jermiah. When you get 250+ yards on the ground, the big boys up front have done their job. Grade: A

Defensive Line
Let's see, they are a complete MASH unit with no depth, yet they consistently got pressure on Cowan and held Markey in check, playing their best game of the season. On the Bellotti Show, Coach said that they were fresher this game because they were given a few more breathers during practice to compensate for the lack of depth. Hopefully, the can stay healthy and fresh, and keep up the good play against Wazzou. Grade: A+

Helped keep the run game in check. I just didn't really notice them too much. Well, except for the dropped intercetpion by Pope. But if you don't notice them, they are probably doing something right. Grade: B

Four pass interference penalties by the corners are not good. They need to cut down on that. But other than that, they gave up no big plays, and Chung had a pick. Cut down on the PI penalties, and they are good to go. Grade: B

Special Teams
First, the good news. Aaron Knowles did a very good job punting, and they had a nice onside kick. Now, the bad. Two blocked kicks and a fumbled punt return. The special teams play is just unacceptable, and if it continues to be this bad, it is going to cost us a close game at some point. Grade: D-

Overall, I was impressed with the way that the Ducks rebounded from the tough loss at Cal. They came out and put the game away from the start, and it only appeared close because of what the Bruins did in garbage time. The outcome was never in doubt. Nice job. Now we go to Pullman for the 25th year in a row. It will be a tough game, and time to get cracking.

Overall Grade: B+