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Searching the Future Schedules: Pac-10 Edition

Found my way over to to check out some future schedules.  I'm not sure where they get their info, but the stuff on future Duck games is accurate, so I'm assuming that the stuff for other schools is as well.  I won't talk about all the games, just select ones.  Games such as Idaho/Washington State, Oregon/Utah State, and San Jose State/Stanford are not worth mentioning.  Only somewhat compelling games, or games between major conference teams will be discussed.  This is kind of a long post, but I feel well worth the read.  Here is what I have found to be compelling games over the next decade or so:

Nothing shocking here:

9/8/07 Return game to Michigan for 2003
8/30/08 & 9/5/09    Home and home with Boise State.  I like this.  Its a much better game for Fresno.  Get a decent opponent without having to travel too far from home.  Plus, I want a road trip to the smurf turf!
9/15/07 & TBA 2010 Two home games vs. Fresno.  Man, I hate playing them.  There is always the chance you lose (which, fortunately, hasn't happened), but if Oregon wins, then Fresno does their annual post-big-game implosion which kills our SOS.  I hate that we play them so much for this reason.  Coach, play out the agreement then DON"T SCHEDULE FRESNO AS LONG AS PAT HILL IS COACH.  ITS NOT WORTH IT!
9/20/08 & 9/12/09 Home and home with Purdue.  Decent series.
9/19/09 & 9/17/11 Home and home with Utah.  Another decent series.  Too bad Andy Puntwig won't last that long as Utah OC.  Then they would be easy Ws.
9/11/10 & 9/14/13 Home and home with Tennessee.  We are really getting elite programs to come to Autzen.  I am drooling for this series.
TBA 2015 & 2016    Home and home with Georgia.  See above.

Bill Moos has also announced a home and home with Colorado.  Their current record notwithstanding, that should be a decent series as well.

Here is what other Pac-10 schools are doing:

Oregon State
Things definitely aren't as rosy for the Beavs as for the Ducks.  It seems they can't draw elite teams to the Salad Bowl.  I can't say I'm surprised.  Here is what's happening:

9/8/07 & 9/8/08 Home and home with Utah.  Decent series.
9/20/08 & 9/5/09    Home and home with Idaho.  This was part of a two for one deal that started this year.  Why the Beavers are traveling to the Kibbie Dome I have no idea.  Don' t get me wrong, I like a "major" LOL program traveling to a small school, but you get the feeling that the Beavers didn't do this voluntarily.
9/12/09 & 9/4/10 Away games at UNLV and San Diego State.  These are actually good, and I wish the Ducks would schedule these.  Chance to showcase the program in two fertile recruiting grounds.
9/18/10 Home game vs. Louisville.  It will be the best nonconference game at Reser in decades.  This is a Louisville return trip for the beating the Beavs took a few years back.
9/10/11 & 8/31/13 Home and home vs. Wisconsin.  Very solid for the Beavers.  They need to try and schedule more of these.

They still schedule games like a major program, even if they suck now.  But, hey, who wouldn't want the exposure in a major market like Seattle.  Lots of good games for the Huskies:

9/1/07 At Syracuse.  This is a return for a home and home.
9/15/07    Ohio State at Husky Stadium.  Return game for a few years back.  The Fuskies are going to get killed.
2008 Supposed to play Oklahoma.  Unless Stoops bails due to the refs.  What a whiner.
10/3/09 At Notre Dame.  Return Game for last year.
2010-11 Home and home with Nebraska, Syracuse, and BYU.  Three solid series, especially Nebraska.  I hate the Huskies, but they do schedule well.

Washington State
As you can imagine, big programs aren't exactly lining up to go to Pullman.  Scheduling has to be hard for them.  They have gone to Auburn and Notre Dame in recent years, but they're not really going to convince those teams to give them a return to Pullman.  Its out in the middle of nowhere, with no media market.  But give the Cougs credit.  They are making the best of it.

9/1/07, 8/30/14, 9/5/15    Three game series with Wisconsin, two of those games in Madison.  Give the Badgers credit for being willing to come to the Palouse.  (Hey, they are going to Corvallis, too!).  For the Cougs, this is about the top level of programs you are going to get in Pullman, and you have to travel away twice to do it.  It sucks, but the location of the school was not built with football in mind.
11/29/08, 9/12/09, 11/26/11 Three game series with Hawaii, two of those games in Honolulu.  You may wonder why the Cougs don't have a simple home and home with the Warriors?  Its actually genius by the Cougs. You get two games in a fertile recriuting ground, and playing at Hawaii lets you have a 13th game, which equal $.  Plus, who wouldn't want to go to Honolulu twice?
9/18/10 & 9/3/11    Home and home with Minnesota.  Average Pac-10 team vs. Average Big 10 team.  Thats decent.
9/10/11 & TBA 2012 Home and home with UNLV.  Gives you exposure in a key recruiting ground.

There are our northwest teams.  How about the rest of the PAC?

I don't see much here, but judging Arizona's recent history, maybe that's not a bad thing:

9/19/09 & 9/18/10 Home and home vs. Iowa.  Unless something drastically changes (and I don't see it happening under Stoops), Arizona is going to get killed twice.
TBA 2010    Home game vs. The Citadel.  Why the hell is Arizona scheduling a 1-AA opponent FOUR YEARS IN ADVANCE?  UO and OSU only do it at the last minute when actual D-1 teams bail on them.  Maybe they figure its the only way that they actually win.  There ought to be a law.

Arizona State
Lots of solid scheduling by the Sun Devils.  They have some really marquee opponents coming to town.

8/30/08    Home vs. Northern Arizona.  Stop scheduling 1-AA schools in advance, please.  Pussies.
9/20/08 & 9/26/09 Home and home with Georgia.  An elite opponent.  Nice job by ASU on that one.
9/12/09 & TBA 2011 Home and home vs. BYU.  Always a solid MWC program.
9/18/10 & 9/15/12 Home and home with Wisconsin.  They are playing OSU and WSU.  They played the Ducks a few years back.  Are they running the Pac-10 gauntlet?  Kudos to the Badgers.
10/5/13 & 10/25/14 Home and home with Notre Dame.  Yeah, I bet that ND wants a piece of that Phoenix market.  Accept our challenge to Autzen already, assholes.
9/12/15 & 9/10/16 Home and home vs. LSU.  Didn't they just play this series?  In both football and hoops, LSU is always playing Arizona and ASU.  What is LSU's fascination with Arizona?

Da Bears have some decent games coming up, but don't seem to have as much scheduled as some of the other schools.  But they do have one monster.

9/1/07 Home vs. Tennessee.  Return game for this year.  Cal must be itching for this one bad.
9/15/07 & 9/27/08 Home and home vs. Colorado State.  Nice mid-major series.
9/13/08 & 9/5/09    Home and home with Maryland.  Okay, I guess. Don't usually see ACC teams out west.
8/30/08 & 9/5/09    Home vs. Michigan State and at Minnesota.  These are return games.  These are okay games, especially for where Cal was at when they scheduled them.
9/11/10 & 9/10/11 Home and home vs. Colorado.  That should be a good series.  Colorado will be much better by then.
9/15/12 & TBA 2013 Home and home vs. Ohio State.  This is a monster score for Cal, and I bet that Ohio State wants a piece of the Northern California recruting market.  But, like ND, we've been trying to schedule the Buckeyes for years.  Come to Autzen, Ohio State! Michigan did it!

Do we have to?  Do we care who is going to slaughter Stanford every year.  Okay, here goes:

Every Year They play Notre Dame every year until at least 2015.  Rotating home and home.  And it will be a slaughter every year.  Why does ND like to play these guys?
2007 & 2008 Home and home with TCU.  Pretty good, gives the Cardinal some exposure in the Dallas area.
2009 & 2010 Home and home vs. Wake Forest.  Hey, the Deacons are pretty good this year.  Stanford must like scheduling other academic schools.
2011 & 2012 Home and home with Duke.  Lord, have mercy on everybody.  Will anyone watch this game?  Would you watch this game?  For $100?  For $1000?  This could be the worst series of the next decade.
2013 At Army.  Yes, at Army.  As in, no return game.  If you can't get a return game from Army, you're not doing well.
2014 & 2015 Home and home with Northwestern.  Another academic bowl.

Oh, good ol' mediocre UCLA.  Should be better, but they're not.  But, they schedule like it.

9/6/08 & 9/5/09 Home and home vs. Tennessee.  Hey, Tennessee is playing multiple Pac-10 teams, too.  Kudos to Tennessee.
9/19/09 & 9/4/10    Home and home vs. Kansas State.  Okay, a decent Big 12 team.  That's okay.
9/18/10 & 9/17/11 Home and home vs. Texas.  Jackpot for UCLA.  But playing AT Texas and AT Kansas State in the same year is a bit odd.  Just got done with Oklahoma, maybe they are running the Big 12 gauntlet.
9/8/12 & 9/14/13    Home and home with Nebraska.  Another really good series.  And, surprise, another Big 12 team.

I was hoping for more out of USC, but they have done surprisingly little.

Every year Notre Dame.  No surprise here.  A long standing rivalry.
9/15/07 At Nebraska.  Return trip.
9/13/08 & 9/12/09 Home and home vs. Ohio State.  These should be just monster games.  An absolute treat.

I wanted to look at some of the major teams across the country, but I've already spent too much time on this, so maybe another day.  But Pac-10 teams have some great matchups coming in the next few years.  A lot to look forward to.