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A Plea for Help

With this weekend's Wazzu game not being televised, it has caused me to ask this question:  How the hell am I supposed to do a game analysis in a timely manner if I cannot see the game until after it is on replay?

Then I started thinking about the basketball schedule, where most of the non-conference schedule, and some of the conference schedule will not be on TV.  What to do about those games?

I can talk about what I hear on radio, but radio is not the best medium for game analysis.

So here is my plea:  I ask anyone who is going to games to post analysis in the form of a diary.  If we get diaries for these games, I will put them on the main page, and they will serve as the game analysis.

After all, we have readers all across these great United States, and a Duck fan in Miami might want to know how the Ducks looked in the Oregon/UC-Irvine game.

And anybody who lives out of town and can do this for away games is doubly appreciated.

Thanks for helping out your fellow Ducks!